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Compare home phone and internet bundles

These days, a phone and internet connection is a must for all Australian homes. Thankfully, getting a good one is easy with a little bit of research and know-how; both of which we can supply you with! If you’re currently receiving your phone and internet from two different providers, then you’re very likely spending too much money per month. Nearly all providers out there will give you a good discount if you choose to “bundle” your home phone and internet together, which can save you around $20 a month, depending on the plan. Some providers might give you an even better deal if you also bundle your mobile phone plan with your home phone and internet. In order to find the best phone and internet bundle for you, we’ve collected some of the best budle deals in Australia. Our table below is a compilation of the best deals in the country for internet packages of home phone and internet. With this information, and a good knowledge of what you’re after, we can help you find the best deal for you.

When looking for a home phone and internet bundle, make sure you take into account a few things like cost per month, gigabyte allowance, contract length, total upfront cost, and hardware costs. Each of these things need to be looked at before you make your decision. Each is equally as important as the other and can either make or break the deal. The best thing to do is to personally call the provider you are looking at so you can get all the facts easily.

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Can I bundle a mobile phone and internet?

YES! You may notice that almost all internet service providers (ISPs) offer a home phone and internet bundle. The great news is that they even provide great discounts if you opt to do so. The amount of money that you can save on your monthly bills slightly varies but you can keep as much as around $20 a month. Nevertheless, you can rake in bigger discounts if you choose to bundle your mobile phone plan with your home phone and internet plan.

What is the best phone and internet bundle?

Well, that depends. In this case, you may want to think about your usage, as well as your needs and preferences. Ask yourself whether you use your phone more than the internet or the other way around. You should also think about whether you prefer a cheap plan or a plan that offers fast internet speed or both. Just keep in mind that the best phone and internet bundle suitable for others may not be the best package for you but as long as you know what you need, then you will make a perfect choice.

What Internet and phone service is available in my area?

To have a good idea of which internet and phone service is available in your area, you can explore online sources and dedicated sites wherein you only need to enter your postcode and a list of available ISPs will be displayed, such as what we offer. From there, you will be able to compare which ISP offers the essential features that you need such as an internet and phone bundle at a very reasonable cost.

What is the cheapest home phone and internet bundle?

Home phone and internet bundles typically range anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the speed that you need. For the standard plus speed tier, the cheapest that you can get is the NBN50 SL Bundle offered by TPG wherein you only need to pay $69.99 monthly. With this plan, you already get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 48Mbps.

What are the best phone and internet bundles from Telstra?

If Telstra is your provider of choice, then you may be presented with various phone and internet bundles. The best one suitable for your needs and preferences depends on the speed that you need, as well as the technology available in your area. Below are some of the bundled plans from Telstra in various connection types and speed tiers:

  • Cable: Unlimited Data (Cable) at $80 per month
  • ADSL2+: Unlimited Data at $80 per month
  • NBN Basic II: Standard Speed + Unlimited Data at $80 per month
  • NBN Standard Plus: Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data at $90 per month
  • NBN Fast: Premium Speed + Unlimited Data at $90n per month
  • NBN Super Fast: Superfast Speed + Unlimited Data at $90 per month
  • NBN Ultra Fast: Ultrafast Speed + Unlimited Data at $130 per month
  • Can I bundle a mobile plan with an NBN plan?

    YES! You can and in doing so, not only will you enjoy the convenience of having to pay multiple services in a single bill, but you get to save a few extra bucks on your monthly bills too.

    What are the cheapest home phone and internet bundles?

    Before you start comparing prices, consider how many people are in your household, their internet needs, and how often you use a landline phone. 

    Suppose you don’t make many phone calls. Best to choose a plan with a lower speed tier bundled with a phone plan. Tangerine has some of the cheapest bundle deals. Their Standard Speed bundle (at the NBN25 speed tier) is currently $54.90 a month and includes unlimited data and unlimited calls across Australia.

    What are the best phone and internet bundles from Telstra?

    Telstra has three base phone and internet bundles which you can customise according to speed, gaming needs, or entertainment add-ons. 

    For small households, the Standard Speed plan at the NBN25 tier should be enough. For $80 a month, you get unlimited data and a home phone service with unlimited calls to standard lines and Australian mobiles. Bigger households or those who need faster internet can benefit from Telstra’s Standard Plus Speed plan; for $15 more than the Standard Speed plan, it has twice the speed along with unlimited calls to line and mobile numbers across Australia.

    What are the best home phone and internet plans for NBN?

    There are quite a few plans that fall under this category, and - as before - there’s no one-size-fits-all plan because not all households will have the same internet needs. 

    For example, for a one- or two-person household that goes online just to check their emails and browse the web, the best plan would be at the NBN12 or NBN25 speed tier (depending on the lowest tier their chosen ISP offers) bundled with a pay-as-you-go phone plan. Aussie Broadband offers such plans, with the telco’s Basic NBN plan going for $59 per month. 

    If you live in a bigger household, and especially if most or all of you are online simultaneously, choose a plan with a higher speed tier that comes with unlimited local and national calls. Tangerine’s XXL Speed Boost Bundle at the NBN100 speed tier is a great choice and only costs $84.90 per month and comes with a home phone service.

    How to switch NBN providers?

    If your current ISP isn’t working out for you, switching to another one is fairly simple, as long as you’re on a contract-free plan. Otherwise, you will need to pay penalty fees. Once you’ve chosen a new ISP and have signed up with them, notify your previous ISP to let them know you’re switching providers. Don’t forget to back up any data that’s tied to your last ISP - like email - before then.