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Internet sticks - the forefront of internet technology! Internet USB sticks are devices that use the mobile network to give you access to the internet all across Australia. They allow a cheap and easy internet connection no matter where you might find yourself. No longer will cables or heavy installation costs get in your way. If you’re a light internet user and you just want an affordable and flexible internet connection, an internet stick is an ideal option. You simply buy it upfront from a provider, plug it into your computer, and you’re off. Cheap internet sticks are in abundance these days, with many offering data already on the sticks themselves. For a simple fee, you can get both a cheap internet stick along with some data to get your browsing. Internet sticks run off the mobile network, and require a sim card to work properly. If you're planning on travelling around a lot, or you simply only need a limited amount of internet to use at home, prepaid internet stick plans are a good way to go about it.

Internet stick providers offer two options in terms of plan types; Prepaid and Postpaid. Prepaid is better for those with infrequent or varying usage that wouldn't benefit from having a set monthly amount of data they could use. Postpaid is better for those with the same usage each month. Keep this information in mind while using the table below to find the best deal for you. When comparing plans, make sure you understand what network they are using, and if coverage is available in your area. Also remember that different providers offer different coverage and speeds.

In order for you to find the cheapest internet stick out there, we’ve compiled a list of great providers with the best deals in Australia, so use the below table to find the best deal for you! And don't be afraid to call the providers (or us!) on the numbers below if you need to learn more about information on speed and network coverage. 

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