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Looking for the best static IP internet service providers? We have put together the best possible static IP internet plans (and a few more) for your convenience. Static IP addresses ("Static" meaning it doesn't change and "IP" standing for Internet Protocol") are sometimes referred to as Fixed Line addresses. Essentially it means that your IP address stays the same. It is basically so people can host things on their computer, and remotely access their computer as well; it's a very handy feature for people who are hosting their own domain or their own web site. It may not be necessary for normal everyday users who just want to access the internet for browsing, but if you have a business that has a website (and come on, in this day and age, your business should have a website!), then a Static IP address might make it easier for your potential customers to find you. Just as you'd want people to know the address of your real world store, you want people to know the address of your digital store so that they can more easily find you. A Static IP address is manually configured for your device, and just about any device that has an IP address (including desktops, tablets, and phones) can be configured to have a Static IP address. 

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