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Mobile broadband plans are just like the name suggests; they are mobile, meaning your internet access can go wherever you go. This is the first and foremost function of the mobile broadband plan - the ability to be taken anywhere and everywhere. Mobile broadband is completely wireless and can be used outside of the house, on public transport, at libraries, in the park - wherever you choose to use it! This is the opposite to a fixed line broadband plans which require cables and wires to work, and thus can only be used within the home.

Mobile broadband is highly suited for people who need internet on the go. It's the type of internet that runs through mobile towers, with a sim card in the device that sends and receives information from the mobile towers. Mobile broadband’s speed will vary from network to network, and also area to area. Mobile broadband speeds can be anywhere from 0 to 50mb/s. Mobile broadband will run on either a 4G or 3G connection, but 4G is better, as it is more advanced than 3G and offers up to 50mb/s whereas 3G can only be speeds of up to 20mb/s. Compare Broadband can help you compare mobile broadband plans on the market and help you find a plan that best suits your needs. We have put together the best mobile broadband plans available today. Our site can also recommend and compare unlimited broadband plans for those who are heavy users, and those would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they cannot go over their data limit each month.

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