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The fastest internet service yet in the country is here! The good news is that cheap NBN plans are available that allow you to enjoy a fast, reliable internet connection without breaking the bank. At Compare Broadband, we’ve compiled the best value and the cheapest NBN plans in the market, so you don’t have to.

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With the NBN rollout completed, Australia now has access to the fastest internet service available in the country. However, while very tempting to signup for the fastest speeds, it can come at a price. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find an NBN plan that can cater to your requirements on the cheap side.

Whether you need an internet plan for basic use like checking emails and social media feeds, or you need lightning speed plans for work and business use, we got you covered.



What are the Cheapest NBN Plans?

NBN plans with superfast speeds are usually unlimited or come with a hefty data allocation. If you’re looking for the cheapest NBN deals, it may mean you have to sacrifice either speed or data. It’s either you go with unlimited plans that are on a lower speed tier or go with super fast speed plans that have data limits.

But the great news is that there are great NBN deals out there that strike a balance between speed and data allowance. Let’s take a look at some of the cheapest unlimited NBN plans from our database.


Popular Cheapest NBN Plans


Internet Provider Cheapest NBN Plan Price Speed Tier  
Belong Internet Provider NBN Unlimited Belong Standard Plus broadband plan on the NBN™ $70/month 50Mbps See Belong Internet Plans
Dodo Internet Provider NBN Standard Plus (nbn50) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan $60/month 50Mbps See Dodo Internet Plans
Uniti Wireless Internet Plans NBN The 50 (nbn50) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan $79.95/month 50Mbps See Uniti Wireless Internet Plans
Aussie Broadband Internet Plans NBN 100GB Build your own nbn™ Aussie Broadband plan - Standard Plus Speed $79/month 50Mbps See Aussie Broadband Internet Plans
Optus Internet Plans NBN Optus Internet Everyday NBN™ Bundle Plan $79/month 50Mbps See Optus Internet Plans

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Cheap doesn’t always mean low costing. Sometimes, cheap can also mean getting the best value for your money. If you want to save money on your monthly internet bill, consider cutting back on one or two features on your internet plan.

Like for example, getting the fastest speed isn’t always good. According to surveys, an average Australian household finds NBN50 plans sufficient for their needs (or NBN100 for larger families). Anything faster might be excessive unless you’re a heavy user.

Another way to get a bang for your buck is to take advantage of sign-up deals. Most telcos offering a no-contract plan offers discounts that allow you to pay at a lower price during the first few months. Seize this opportunity, get the internet plan at the speed and data cap you need, and make the switch afterwards.

Who has the Cheapest NBN Plans?

Almost all major NBN providers in Australia offers cheap internet plans and deals depending on what speed you require. However, cheap deals are never permanent and will usually expire after a few months, which can be frustrating.

If it's cheap NBN plans you're looking for then you've come to the right place! We have compared some of the most affordable NBN plans on the market these days - giving you all the information you'll need to find NBN deals you can afford.


Cheap NBN12 Plans

NBN 12 plans are one of the most popular when it comes to cheap NBN deals. 

NBN 12 speeds may not offer a faster connection than what you’re used to with an ADSL2+, but they should certainly meet the very basic internet needs of most households.  

TPG offers an NBN Basic Bundle for only $29.99. This deal includes a home phone and a typical evening speed of 12Mbps. The 10GB data limit should be more than enough if you're a basic user.


Cheap NBN25 Plans

NBN25 plans are much harder to come by these days, as most NBN providers skip offering plans under this tier and skip directly to the Standard Plus NBN50 speed tier. However, there are still a few plans out there, at competitive prices.

Dodo offers an unlimited internet plan under the 25Mbps speed tier for only $65/month. You may also save $10/month on your bill if you bundle electricity and gas with your NBN plan.


Cheap NBN50 Plans

NBN50 has become the most popular speed tier, with more and more consumers skipping the first two tiers and going for 50/20 max speeds. It's the ideal plan for households with three or more family members who are light to moderate users. In addition, it is fast enough for high-definition video streaming.

Belong comes with cheap NBN50 plans starting from only $70/month - with no activation fees, no commitments and are 100% carbon neutral. It comes with a Free Wi-Fi modem offer, which is available for new Belong NBN™ customers. Lastly, no early termination charges when you cancel your plan.


Cheap NBN100 Plans

While NBN100 plans are not generally "cheap", we are here to help you find the best value plans in the market. 

NBN 100 speeds will allow users to stream movies in high definition and play games online with perfect clarity. It's a great deal for anyone who regularly downloads or uploads large files, such as gamers, bloggers, and cloud storage users.

If you're looking for plans under this speed tier, Superloop NBN Home Fast Broadband Plan is worth looking into. For only $69.95/month, this no-contract NBN plan provides unlimited data, Australian support, and an optional WiFi modem. All of these are without any sign-up fees.


Cheapest NBN Plans: What is a good NBN speed?

NBN offers four main speed tiers, and the internet plans covering these will generally come in at different price points. The faster the speed, the higher the price is. Most of the lowest-cost NBN deals will likely be on the slower speed tiers and have limited data inclusions. 

It’s essential to understand the difference between the four main NBN speed tiers available since they’re directly linked to how much you’ll pay monthly.


NBN Speed Tiers


NBN Speed Tier Average Download and Upload Speed  

NBN 12

12 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload

See NBN12 plans

NBN 25

25 Mbps download, 5 Mbps upload

See NBN25 plans

NBN 50

50 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload

See NBN50 plans

NBN 100

100 Mbps download, 20 or 40 Mbps upload

See NBN100 plans


NBN 12 Plans

Great for light internet users who need to connect for basic activities like sending emails and social media use.

NBN 25 Plans

It lets you surf the internet and stream music without interruptions. Great for basic household needs of average size.

NBN 50 Plans

The best option for average Australian households of 1-3 members. Most affordable internet service you can get to set up a home office, attend Zoom meetings, and attend online classes.

NBN 100 Plans

Allows you to stream Netflix without interruptions and on HD. Great for homes with 3-4 members who are average internet users.


Recently, NBN introduced two additional speeds on a higher tier: the Home Ultrafast (NBN 1000) and Home Superfast (NBN 250). However, not all areas have access to these plans since not all connection types can support these speeds. These plans are also costly. For example, NBN 250 begin at around $109 per month, while NBN 1000 starts at about $130.


Pros & Cons of Cheapest NBN Plans

When you’re comparing NBN deals, take note that the ‘monthly price’ does not reflect the total cost you’ll spend upon signing up. Some internet service providers may offer special discounted pricing for a few months and eventually switch to regular pricing. Make sure you consider the standard monthly cost as well and if that is within your budget. 

Review any upfront fees such as modem costs, setup costs and additional fees. For example, if you decide to add on a modem, this may be billed upfront, especially on no contract (month-to-month) plans. If you want to save on upfront costs, you may want to consider signing up for a plan with a lock-in contract.

So is a cheap NBN plan the right choice for you? Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


Pros Cons
  • Pay as little as $30 a month.
  • Great for light internet use like checking emails and basic internet surfing.
  • Offered by most internet service providers.
  • Top-speed unlimited plans start at around $80 each month.
  • Very limited data allowances.
  • Can be more expensive for similar speeds on non-NBN connections.
  • Upfront fees can get more expensive due added costs like modem, setup fees, etc.
  • Many unlimited plans are easily $90+ per month.


Comparing several NBN plans is a good start for getting the best, cheapest internet plan. While price is often the very first thing we look into when comparing services, keep in mind that there may be some compromises needed to be made if you’re always going for the ‘cheapest’. 

Several internet plans only have a few bucks difference on the same speed tier. Take your time in reviewing terms and conditions, as it could be worth paying an extra couple of dollars if that would provide you with the right speed and more flexibility in your plan.


How does the NBN work?

The NBN - which stands for National Broadband Network - is a countrywide operation designed and implemented to upgrade Australia's internet infrastructure by replacing our old copper line network with a fibre optic cable network. Contrary to popular misconception, there is no one set NBN speed, nor is there one set NBN supplier. The NBN is a wholesale data network project that is built and operated by a government corporation that is appropriately titled the NBN Co. It is the NBN Co who distribute the service out to internet service providers (often referred to as ISPs), who in turn offer the NBN service to customers. At this point, there are different NBN deals to choose from that range in speed, in data, and of course, in cost.

Which NBN ISP is the best value for money?

Before you can even think about choosing an NBN internet service provider, you have to know which ones service your area, and what connection type you have. Otherwise you’ll just be frustrated at not being able to choose the plan you want, let alone choose the ISP you want. You’ll also want to decide if you’re just after an internet connection, or if you’re looking to bundle something else with your plan.

That said, there are several ISPs that consistently deliver good value for money, regardless of your chosen plan. If you’re looking for speed, then TPG comes out on top, followed by Optus. If you want great customer service, Aussie Broadband is hard to beat. As for ISPs that offer the best perks and features for any plan, you’d be better off choosing Telstra or Optus.

What are the Cheapest Unlimited NBN Plans?

You have several choices when it comes to the cheapest unlimited NBN plans, and what you ultimately choose would depend on the speed you’re looking for. Tangerine comes out on the top of the list, charging users just $44.90 a month for internet speeds of 25Mbps. Plans with internet speeds of 50Mbps cost $54.90, so you get twice the internet speed for just $10 more.

Harbour ISP is a serious contender, too; their plan with speeds of 50Mbps costs $49 a month. If you’re looking for other options for plans at that speed tier, you may want to consider signing up with MyRepublic for $65 per month.

What are the cheapest NBN bundle plans?

If you don’t need really fast internet and don’t see yourself needing a lot of data each month, then TPG is the cheapest bundle plan. At $29.99 a month, you get both internet access with speeds of 12Mbps and a home phone, although you’ll have a limit of 10GB each month. If you need a little more speed and more data monthly, iPrimus offers a similar bundle plan (broadband and home phone) but with 250GB of data and speeds of 25Mbps, all for $65 a month.

If you need unlimited data, Tangerine is another great ISP, and they offer a broadband-and-home phone bundle for $54.90 a month, with speeds of 25Mbps. For those who need really fast internet alongside unlimited data, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than MyRepublic’s plan. For $70 a month, you get internet speeds of up to 100Mbps and a home phone.

Should I sign up to a Cheap NBN Plan?

It’s really up to you. As you can see above, there are several factors to choosing a cheap NBN plan, and it depends heavily on what you consider good value for money, since “cheap” doesn’t always mean low cost. Maybe it would mean cutting back on the features you want to choose so you can get the internet speeds you want, or the unlimited data your household needs. So before choosing an ISP to sign up with and the plan you’ll go for, don’t forget to pinpoint what your internet needs really are.

When will the NBN be completed in my area?

NBN rollout has been completed but there's still work to be done. Until then, the geographical difference between a home with active NBN service and home without might be as slight as one street. To find out if your home is NBN ready, enter your address into our free NBN rollout map. Be sure to enter your full and accurate address for full and accurate results. If your home has not yet been upgraded to the NBN, our map will tell you roughly what month you can expect your upgrade to be completed, as well as what kind of NBN connection has been designated to your area.

Can I keep my ADSL2+ service?

No, at least not in the long run. The NBN was designed to eventually phase out ADSL2+ (as well as older forms of ADSL), and as such, once an area has been fully upgraded to the NBN, the ADLS connections in that area are permanently deactivated. You should be given sufficient notice before you ADSL connection is cut off; if you are a current ADSL customer and you have not been given notice of your cut off date, you should call your ADSL broadband provider as soon as you can, so that you can have sufficient time to arrange an alternative form of home internet connection before your ADSL cut off date.

Do I have to stay with the same NBN provider?

No, not at all. You are obviously required to stay with the same provider for as long as your contract legally requires you to, but after that, you can sign with any NBN provider that you wish to. You can also often leave a contract with a broadband provider, though you will usually incur a charge while doing so. This is why many people favour the freedom of plans that are Month to Month plans (also known as No Contract Plans). But if your priority is saving money, keep in mind that contract plans (which are usually 12 month contracts or 24 month contract) are typically cheaper because the providers prefer that you stay with them as long as possible. As such, providers will often aim to entice customers by offering contract plans that have cheaper monthly costs than month to Month plans. They will also often throw in other bonuses, such waived or reduced set-up fees, and/or free modems (a modem on a Month to Month plan may cost anywhere between $50 and $400).

Do I have to get the NBN?

No, but depending on your location, it might be the best (if only) available home broadband option, especially if the ADSL connections have already been disconnected in your area. But while the NBN is one of the more prevalent home broadband options (at the time of writing), it’s not your only choice, especially with the emergence of 5G cellular network technology which will also be more mainstream by the end of 2020.

How do I compare all the different NBN plans?

Very easily! You can either compare NBN providers & plans here, or if you would prefer to speak to a human, you give one of our trusty broadband consultants a call on 1300 106 571 for some free advice on the NBN (or on any other kind of home internet, for that matter). Compare Broadband is a free internet comparison service for everyone in Australia, and we’re independently rated 5 stars by our customers with a Trust Pilot score of 4.8 out of 5 based on over 1,800 reviews. You can also use our free online broadband search engine, or follow us on Facebook for internet guides and home broadband news.

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