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Do you have a lot of internet users under your roof? Do any of you use the internet on a frequent basis? If so, you might want to consider an unlimited NBN plan. Having an unlimited NBN plan allow you to access the internet without having to worry about data caps, additional fees, or slowed down connection. If you're looking for help in finding the best value unlimited NBN plan for your home, you've come to the right place. We've collected all plans and deals from major Australian internet service providers (ISPs) so you don't have to.

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Are you shopping for unlimited NBN™ plans? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Unlimited NBN™ plans let you enjoy NBN™ connection without having to worry about data caps. As always, it helps to compare a range of plans and providers to see what is available and to find the best internet plan to suit your needs.

Since 2009, Compare Broadband has spent hundreds of hours collecting and comparing NBN™ deals and pricing information from major Australian internet providers to help you find the right home internet plan. 

With over 10 years of expertise in the industry, we’ve built and tested the tools to help Australians find the best unlimited NBN™ plans. All you need to do is to put your postcode in our comparison tool above, and we’ll show you available plans and deals in your area.



Unlimited NBN™ Plans

These days, most Australians rely heavily on the internet for entertainment and work and even school. Especially with the recent health crisis and more WiFi-enabled devices, there’s no doubt that we’re all using way more internet now. And now that the NBN™ rollout is completed, the way we use the internet has changed even more.

Having an unlimited NBN™ plan is a great way to ease any worry about extra charges or slowed down internet speeds. The good news is that most NBN™ providers do offer unlimited data plans for various speed tiers. 

Subscribing to unlimited NBN™ plans will allow you to download massive files, stream HD videos, do online gaming and connect as many devices as you want. In this guide, we’ll take a look at unlimited NBN™ plans to help you find the best value unlimited NBN™ plan for your home.

What Are The Best Unlimited NBN™ Plans?

Whether you need a reliable connection for work or family entertainment, unlimited data internet plans are the best way to go. Though it may cost higher than capped plans, not having to worry about data limits, throttled internet speeds, or additional costs can definitely give you the peace of mind you need. Especially if you’re always on video conferences or streaming games on HD, you can do your activities without interruptions.

When choosing internet plans, the first factor we always look into is price. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor. While it’s very tempting to go with the cheapest plans, it’s not always the most practical one. The majority of the lowest-priced plans offer the slowest internet speeds or have some type of limitations.

The Standard NBN™ 25 speed tier is good for households with one or two light internet users. This should allow you to do general web browsing, emails and even standard-definition video streaming.

NBN™50 Plans are the most popular deal for households with three to four family members who are average internet users, especially if you do a lot of high-definition video streaming and online gaming. 

If you want the fastest NBN™ speed, NBN™ 100 is the way to go. Plans under this speed tier will allow you to stream Ultra HD movies and active gamers or if you have multiple devices that need to connect simultaneously. However, this is also the most expensive speed tier. NBN™100 plans can cost anywhere from around $80 per month and well over $100. 


Popular Unlimited NBN™ Plans

NBN™ Provider NBN™ Plan Speed Tier


 Belong Unlimited NBN plans

NBN™ Unlimited Belong Standard Plus broadband plan on the NBN™


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 Dodo Unlimited NBN plans

NBN™ Standard Plus (NBN™50) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan


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 uniti wireless nbn plans

NBN™ The 50 (NBN™50) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan


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 Aussie Broadband Unlimited NBN plans

NBN™ 100GB Build your own NBN™ Aussie Broadband plan - Standard Plus Speed


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Optus Unlimited NBN plans

NBN™ Optus Internet Everyday NBN™ Bundle Plan


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What NBN™ Speed do I Need?

We all want the fastest internet connection. However, it isn’t the most cost-effective choice. You want to find the right balance between price and speed that will easily accommodate your family’s needs.

To find the best value unlimited NBN™ plans, check which speed tier suits your needs and then get the pricing details. Here’s a quick guide to different speed tiers offered by NBN™.


Unlimited NBN™ 12 Plans

If you are a light internet user and need to connect for basic activities, the NBN™ 12 plan may be a good choice for you. With a maximum download speed of 12Mbps, you can daily send emails and browse your social media feeds.  


Unlimited NBN™ 25 Plans

Perfect for a small, budget-conscious household, an NBN™ 25 plan lets you surf the internet and stream music without interruptions. These plans come with a maximum download speed of 25Mbps. 


Unlimited NBN™ 50 Plans

Are you working from home? An NBN™ 50 plan is the most affordable internet service you can get to set up a home office. With a maximum download speed of 50Mbps, you can do Zoom meetings and download files.  


Unlimited NBN™ 100 Plans

Enjoy binge-watching the latest TV series and movies with your friends and family with an NBN™ 100 plan. There are so many things you can do together with its maximum download speed of 100Mbps. 


Unlimited NBN™ 250 Plans

Superfast NBN™250 plans let you and your housemates stream your favourite TV series on different devices simultaneously. In addition, these plans come with a high-speed internet connection of a maximum download speed of 250Mbps. 


Unlimited NBN™ 1000 Plans

The NBN™ 1000 plan offers an unparalleled level of broadband experience. Although not yet available to all premises, it is expected to cover 75% of Australian households by 2023.  


Average Typical Evening Speed

Maximum Download Speed No. of Users


1-2 light internet users


1-2 moderate internet users


3-4 moderate to heavy internet users


4+ heavy internet users


Which NBN™ Provider has the Fastest Unlimited NBN™ Plans?

NBN™ introduced Australia’s fastest internet service through their NBN™250 and NBN™1000 plans. These plans operate with download speeds of up to 250 Mbps and 1000 Mbps which is 10x faster than an NBN™100 plan. 

As many Australians continue working and studying from home, these plans may just be the answer to their demands for a faster and more reliable internet connection. 

However, do understand that internet speed varies depending on your location. Providers offer different coverage to areas depending on the availability of internet infrastructure.  So if you are in a remote region, the best NBN™ provider in the city may not be available for you. 

Check out the available NBN™ plans in your area first and use the guide below to find the provider that offers internet plans with the fastest typical evening speeds. 


Popular NBN™250 and NBN™1000 Internet Plans

NBN Provider NBN Plans Speed Price  
 Uniti Wireless Unlimited NBN Plans

NBN™ The 250 (NBN™250) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan



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 TPG Unlimited NBN Plans

NBN™ TPG NBN™ Home Ultrafast Brodaband Plan



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Tangerine Unlimited NBN Plans

NBN™ Tangerine Telecom XXXL Speed Boost Broadband Plan



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 Aussie Broadband Unlimited NBN Plans

NBN™ Unlimited Power House NBN™ Aussie Broadband plan - Home Ultrafast



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MyRepublic Unlimited NBN Plans

NBN™ MyRepublic Unlimited 1000/50mbps Home Ultra-Fast Plan



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NBN Unlimited Plans with Landline Phone

Several NBN™ providers offer unlimited NBN™ plans bundled with a home phone.  For many people, bundling your internet and home phone together in a bundle will save time and money. If you already pay for a home phone service, it may be more convenient to combine the two services into one bill rather than get a separate provider for each service.

With unlimited NBN™ bundle plans, you can reap the benefits of having a fast internet connection and still be able to use your home phone for local and international calls. This can certainly save you money especially you need your landline for business or use it for overseas communication. 

If you're using your home phone less, VoIP technology is an option to consider. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology turns your WiFi-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone, into a home phone. VoIP lets you call any landline or mobile number, but you will be using your internet connection to do so. 

Some of the most popular providers with unlimited NBN™ plans bundled with a home phone include TPG, Tangerine and MyRepublic. 

At Compare Broadband, we’ve reviewed and analysed hundreds of internet plans and deals from different internet providers, so you don’t have to. So, if you need help in finding the right unlimited NBN™ plan for your home or business, we’ve got you covered.


How do I connect to the NBN?

To connect to the NBN, all you need to do is to check your address to find out whether there is any NBN connection technology already available in your area. From there, you can already scout different providers offering numerous plans in various speed tiers. As soon as you have figured out which plan to subscribe to based on your speed and data allocation needs, the next thing that you need to do is to get in touch with the internet service provider. They will notify you in case a technician needs to come over for the installation of transition. The final step is in setting up your modem which is already quite straightforward. After this, you will already be able to connect to the NBN network using any of your devices.

How do I get an NBN connection box?

Generally, you won’t need an NBN connection box unless the available NBN connection technologies in your area are Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fixed Radio, and Hybrid Coaxial connections. In case you are in a suburb where the NBN connection has just recently been made available, then there is a great chance that the technology is Fibre to the Network (FTTN). In terms of the latter, you won’t have the need for an NBN connection box.

How fast should my unlimited NBN be?

The speed of your unlimited NBN plan depends on the speed tier that you are subscribed to. The ideal typical evening speeds of plans under the NBN technology are as follows:

  • Basic I – 12Mbps
  • Basic II – 25Mbps
  • Standard – 50Mbps
  • Fast – 100Mbps
  • Super Fast – 250Mbps
  • Ultra Fast – 1000Mbps

However, it is often the case that these speeds are not attained fully due to various factors. For this reason, you have to carefully assess the speed that you need for you to be able to get a suitable plan that you will be able to maximise.

If your activities are limited to simply browsing social media and email, then the lowest speed tier with a maximum download speed of 12Mbps is perfect for you. Meanwhile, an NBN 1000 plan allows all users in your home to stream content on different devices at the same time. Speed tiers in between are suitable for moderate to heavy users.

How much does unlimited NBN cost?

Most internet service providers offer plans with unlimited data by default, since barely anyone is looking for a plan with a data cap. Given that, the factors you need to consider are down to the plan’s speed tier and its cost. Plans at the NBN25 speed tier can cost as little as $45 and as much as $70 per month, while those at the NBN50 speed tier can go for anywhere between $55 and $80 each month. Finally, plans at the NBN100 speed tier can cost between $70 and $110 a month.

What are the Best Unlimited NBN Plans No Contract?

Much like choosing the cheapest unlimited NBN plans, choosing the best plan where you’re not locked into a contract depends on what you’re looking to get, and if you want to bundle anything with it.

If you’re just looking for internet service with average speeds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a plan that can beat those such as Tangerine’s. This ISP’s no-contract plan at the NBN25 speed tier is $44.90 a month, while the one at the NBN50 speed tier is $54.90. Superloop is another contender, with a no-contract plan at the NBN25 speed tier that costs only $54.95 per month for the first six months.

If you’re looking for an internet plan that includes a home phone, TPG has one at the NBN12 speed tier and it costs $59.99 a month. MyRepublic also offers a similar plan, just at the NBN100 speed tier. If you really need fast internet, this plan is your best bet since for $69 per month, you get both internet service and a home phone.

Who is an Unlimited NBN Plan good for?

The truth is, not all households need an unlimited NBN plan, so before you go for one plan or another, take into account the size of your household and the number of users who are frequently online. That said, if you have a medium to large household and at least half of the members are online at any given time, then an unlimited NBN plan is a good investment. This is because such a plan ensures that all users can access the internet without worrying about data caps, not to mention a slower connection because of a high number of people using the same connection.

Are there any restrictions on an unlimited NBN Plan?

None. When you say unlimited NBN plan, it means getting access to the Internet where you can download various content and stream movies including HD videos using different devices all at once. The best part, you no longer have to worry about speeds being capped, extra fees to pay or even slowed down speeds once you exceed your data limit. Enjoy your NBN connection as long as you want for work, entertainment and school purposes and you’ll never run the risk of shock from your bill.

Are there any risks associated with an unlimited NBN Plan?

None. So far there has been no known risks associated with the unlimited NBN plan. As a matter of fact, there are certain ISPs that include a one-month risk-free guarantee in their offers. Still, your Internet connection might be affected depending on where you live and the type of NBN connection available in your area.

For example, if your home was not installed with an FTTP type connection, you may experience a little slower speed. Known to be the fastest connection type available, the Fibre to the Premises uses fibre optic connection between the fibre distribution hub and your premise. Also, some people have reportedly faced marginal problems like not getting top speed as advertised by the provider or speed of the new NBN plan was not as fast as the old service speeds.

Are all nbn plans unlimited data?

These days, you will most likely see NBN plans labelled as "unlimited data" and it is already quite rare that you see plans with a data limit. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that NBN Co has been slowly but surely increasing the data caps on their plans.

Nevertheless, there are still a few providers who offer capped plans and it is important to be mindful of them when comparing NBN plans. For example, Telstra's 100GB plan is significantly cheaper than its unlimited plan. So if you're someone who doesn't use too much data, a capped plan could be a better option for you.

Is unlimited NBN really unlimited?

The truth is no. Unlimited data simply means that you will not be charged overage fees for exceeding a certain data cap. However, your service may be slowed down once you reach a certain threshold. This is known as "speed shaping" and all NBN providers implement it in some way or another.

The good news is that the majority of users will never even come close to hitting their provider's speed shaping threshold. And even if you do, the slowdown will only be a few Mbps at most. So as long as you're not constantly streaming high-definition videos, you'll likely never notice the difference.

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