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Harbour ISP promises to provide their customers with a connection that they count on, and from all accounts, it is a promise that Harbour ISP dutifully delivers. With a belief that everyone should have reliable internet access regardless of their income or their location, Harbour ISP offers a wide range of affordable but reliable internet plans.

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Broadband Only
250 Mbps (Superfast Speed)
12 Months
Min total cost $1477
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Harbour ISP broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
250 Mbps (Superfast Speed)
24 Months
Min total cost $2856
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Harbour ISP broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
200 GB
25 Mbps (Standard Speed)
Month to month
100 GB On-Peak / 100 GB Off-Peak
Min total cost $125
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Harbour ISP broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
300 GB
25 Mbps (Standard Speed)
Month to month
150 GB On-Peak / 150 GB Off-Peak
Min total cost $135
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Harbour ISP broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
300 GB
25 Mbps (Standard Speed)
Month to month
150 GB On-Peak / 150 GB Off-Peak
Min total cost $190
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Compare Broadband cannot guarantee that all plans or providers shown will be available at your property address. Connection and plan availability will need to be confirmed by the internet service provider. Additional charges may apply for non-standard connections.

Harbour ISP Internet Plans

Harbour ISP’s unlimited data plans are not restricted by any pesky peak or off-peak limitations, which means customers can use their unlimited data when they want and how they want. You also have the choice of a 12-month plan, a 24-month plan, or a no lock-in month-to-month plan, as well as the choice of an add-on phone plan should you wish to connect your internet plan to your phone plan. 

Harbour ISP’s team is built with a wide range of skilled and dedicated engineers, developers, installers, and admin. In addition, their friendly Australian based customer support team provides fast and friendly setup and support. Harbour ISP's support team are always available to answer all your questions, 7 days a week (between 8 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am - 6 pm Saturday and Sunday).

Harbour ISP providers include NBN™CO, Opticomm, OPENetworks, and of course, the NBN™ (the location of your property will determine which of these is best suited to your residence). Offering super-fast broadband at competitive prices, it’s easy to see why Harbour ISP has quickly turned into a favourite amongst customers and industry professionals alike.


Harbour ISP NBN™ Plans 

Harbour ISP offers NBN™ plans with several features, including Harbour ISP Unlimited Data - No lock-in contracts and no data limits. Get unlimited data that you can use to watch videos or stream music as much as you want. You can also connect to your phone plan if you choose to.

Harbour ISP Unlimited Phone Plan Bundle – With the Unlimited Phone Plan, you can connect your home phone to any Harbour ISP NBN™ internet plan. With unlimited calls to Australia, you’ll never have any limits on the number of calls you can make. Customers also get free standard local and national mobile calls as well as 100 international minutes per month so you don’t need to worry about paying for international calls.

Harbour ISP NBN™ Fixed Wireless -  This NBN™ provider delivers super-fast fixed wireless internet to customers in rural locations who were previously unable to use high-speed broadband. This is an excellent option for people living off the beaten track who still want to connect to their home phone and high-speed internet.


Other Harbour ISP Features:

Caller ID, Call waiting, Three-way calling, Voicemail and other features included as standard on all phone plans (where applicable) 

Call forwarding: Forward your home phone to another number, on the move or on holidays. 

Conference Calling: Link up to 5 phones with conference calling for multiple users to conference call at once.

Call Recording: Record your incoming and outgoing calls so you can keep a record of important phone conversations. Advanced Call Forwarding: Choose the destination of your redirected calls. You can have calls forwarded to multiple destinations or have them all dial out at once. You can also divert international calls.

Call Barring: Protect you from receiving annoying phone calls, create customised group lists so only certain people can call you, and lock your home phone so it can’t be used for outgoing calls. 

Voicemail: If you cannot take a call, the person calling you can leave a message for you so you never miss an important phone call. You can listen to messages as soon as they are received or send them to your email for later listening.

Conference Calling: Link up to 8 phones with conference calling for multiple users to conference call at once.


Harbour ISP OptiComm Internet Plans

Harbour ISP also offers internet plans with the OptiComm network. This is the same network that Harbour ISP uses for their NBN™ plans. It can be used with any ADSL or NBN™ compliant modem (most modems are compatible with these networks). There are only two OptiComm internet plans available at this time, which means you’ll always have an unlimited amount of data to use for your internet.

The 50 Harbour ISP Fibre (OptiComm & LBNCo Network) Broadband Plan comes with the first month free and up to 50Mbps download / 20Mbps upload connection speed. In addition, the $49 Activation Fee is waived with the purchase of a modem.

Other OptiComm plans offer speeds up to 1000Mbps.


Harbour ISP Sky Muster Satellite Broadband Plan

Sky Muster Satellite Broadband Plans from Harbour ISP are great for people living in regional areas who use their internet often. 

The Sky Muster service uses the Sky Muster Satellite to receive and send data to your home. But, of course, you can still use all of your home phone features on this plan as well, so you’ll never miss a call.

The Plus 200 Harbour ISP Sky Muster Plus Satellite Broadband Plan is a Month to Month internet plan with up to 25Mbps download / 5Mbps upload connection speed. In addition, you can save $49 on your activation fee by purchasing a modem from Harbour ISP.


Why Choose Harbour ISP for your Home Internet?

Harbour ISP’s mission statement is to “help everyday Australians reach their full potential with the high-speed, reliable internet people deserve”;  and with their flexible plans, their excellent customer service, and their world-class, super-fast broadband offered at affordable prices, it’s fair to say that Habour ISP is hitting their goals. 

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for a plan with a provider like Harbour ISP is their sizable network resources. Harbour ISP’s parent company is the Uniti Group, a company that has, in recent times, bought up various other private fibre networks, and they now own and operate LBN Co (Local Broadband Network), Opticomm, Telstra Velocity, and Uniti Wireless. This effectively means that Harbour ISP has more access to more network coverage, which in turn allows them to offer more internet connection options in more areas. 

At the time of writing, Harbour ISP offers three different contract lengths; month-to-month contract, 12-month contract, and 24-month contract. While Harbour ISP month-to-month plan permits you a little more freedom and flexibility, there are also perks to their longer contracts; specifically, there is typically an activation fee for your Fibre Broadband service, which will cost you $99 if you’re on the month-to-month plan, $49 if you’re on the 12-month plan, and free on the 24-month plan. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that broadband customers who reside in newly developed areas (which in the industry are referred to as Greenfields locations) may be facing a New Development Fee if their service is the first connection in their residence. This is not considered an installation fee, but rather, a connection fee that is charged by the Wholesale Provider. However, this is not a hidden cost, as it should be determined at the time of sign up and advised accordingly.


Compare Harbour ISP Internet Plans

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What network does Harbour ISP use?

Harbour ISP uses the Optus network. It is an internet service provider that offers a range of broadband plans, as well as naked DSL and ADSL services. Harbour ISP also offers a home phone service with unlimited local and national calls. It also offers a plan under the OptiComm network, which is a fibre to the premises network.

Harbour ISP has various types of broadband plans - NBN, satellite, and fixed wireless. The NBN broadband plans start at $59 per month for unlimited data with speeds of up to 25Mbps. The satellite broadband plans start at $40 per month for 85GB of data, and the fixed wireless broadband plans start at $69 per month for unlimited data with speeds of up to 75Mbps.

How do I connect to my Harbour ISP?

For you to be able to connect to Harbour ISP, all you need to do is to apply via the website. You will then be sent a modem that you need to connect to your computer, and then plug the power in. Once it is all set up, you can start using the internet straight away. Just make sure to choose the right plan that will be able to suit your needs and preferences. This means that you need to take into account how much data you will be using each month, and also your budget.

How does Harbour ISP compare to other providers?

Compared to other providers, Harbour ISP offers great value for money. Its NBN plans start at $59 per month, which is cheaper than the other providers who offer similar plans. Harbour ISP also has no lock-in contracts, so you are free to switch providers if you find a better deal elsewhere. Plus, its customer service is excellent, so you can be assured of getting the help you need if you ever have any problems. With Harbour ISP, you will be able to get online quickly and easily, having access to a wide range of broadband plans.

So, if you are looking for a great deal on NBN broadband plans, Harbour ISP is the provider to go with. It offers excellent value for money, as well as great customer service. You can't go wrong!

Do I need a new modem to sign up to Harbour ISP?

To sign up with Harbour ISP broadband service, you will need a compatible modem. You can either rent one from Harbour ISP for $11 per month, or you can buy your own. If you're buying your own, make sure it is VoIP-ready and has an ADSL/VDSL filter. Once you have your modem, simply follow the instructions in the setup guide to connect to the internet.

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