Broadband type ADSL2+
Data amount per month Unlimited
Total monthly cost $69.00
* Modem Cost: $149.00
* Modem Delivery Fee: $0.00
Contract length Month to month
Costs First Year $977.00
Minimum total cost

At MATE Communicate it is all about cracking customer service. Every single one of our customers are assigned a MATE when they sign up – your new MATE will always have your back!

Our Unlimited ADSL2+ Phone Bundles start from just $69 per month.

Monthly Data Unlimited
Local/National Calls Unlimited
Calls to Mobiles 40c per min
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers 50c per call
$0 Setup Fee BYO Modem
No Contracts Between MATES
No Activation Fee
No Plan Change Fees
No Modem? AC1200 Modem Router $149

What’s Included?

Your #soulmates ADSL + Phone City plan includes:

  • ADSL Internet service with UNLIMITED Monthly Data Allowance
  • Monthly Phone Line Rental
  • Calls to Local & National Numbers within Australia

Your #soulmates ADSL + Phone City plan does not include:

  • Modem
  • Calls to Mobile Numbers (charged at $0.40c per min)
  • Calls to 13/1300 Numbers (charged at $0.50c per call)
  • Calls to International Numbers

Information About Pricing

Your minimum monthly charge on the #soulmates ADSL + Phone City plan is $69.00.

No upfront setup fee will apply.

The minimum amount you’ll pay over the period of your plan term is $69.00.

All prices quoted are inclusive of GS.

Early Termination

There is no early termination fee (ETF) charged if you cancel your #soulmates ADSL + Phone City service.

All MATE Communicate plans are billed in advance. No pro-rata credits or refunds are ordered for cancelled accounts. For example, if your billing anniversary date is the 5th of the month and you cancel your service on the 10th of the month, no refund for the un-used days of your current billing month will be offered.

Data Usage

No excess usage charges will apply on your #soulmates ADSL + Phone City plan.

ADSL Modem

Your #soulmates ADSL + Phone City plan does not include a modem/router. MATE Communicate can supply an NBN AC1200 WiFi modem router with pre- configured settings (plug and play) for $149.00 (includes delivery).

Connection Charges

A connection fee may apply to connect your home phone service if the service has been disconnected for more than three months:

  • Existing telephone line without a technician visit $59.00
  • Existing telephone line with a technician visit $179.00
  • New telephone line connection $299.00 with a technician visit and cabling work

If you already have an active ADSL service, you may be eligible for a “fast churn”. In this case we will be able to transfer your service to us quicker. If your current supplier does not participate in the fast churn process, then we will need to activate your service as a new connection.