Naked DSL 250GB TPG broadband plan Broadband only - Active landline required

Naked DSL / 250 GB

6 months / $69.99 Per Month

Broadband type Naked DSL
Data amount per month 250 GB then speed limited to 2Mbps
Total monthly cost $69.99
Contract length 6 Months
Set Up Fee $129.95
Cost per 1MB of included data $0.0003
Costs First Year $969.83
Minimum total cost

The Naked DSL 250GB TPG broadband plan is a super-fast connection for users who don't want a home phone line. Speeds of up to 20,000kbps allow fast internet browsing that is slowed once the monthly download quota is reached. The 250GB download is not split between a peak or off-peak time. With a huge 250GB, this is an ideal plan for heavy internet users with regular downloads.

TPG only offers Naked ADSL2+ to customers who currently have an active copper line (Customer must be able to make AND receive phone calls).