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I am interested in the TPG ADSL2+ 100GB $19.99 package. Can you answer the following questions. I currently have a cable model with bigpond so if I sign up to this plan am I supplied with the appropriate modem and does it cost me anything. How much do local, mobile and STD calls cost on this package if you go with the home phone bundle?

I checked your phone number and the good news is that TPG's ADSL2+ home phone bundles are available in your area.

As for your modem, a cable modem is not compatible with an ADSL connection, so unfortunately you will need a new one. TPG does not offer free modems, so you will need to buy your own.

The cost will depend on what type of modem you want. TPG offers a selection of modems, including: a basic one Ethernet port modem for $69.95, a four-port modem for $99.95, a wireless four-port modem-router for $149.95 and a wireless four-port modem-router with VoIP. A filter/splitter is included with these modems.

There is also a delivery fee of $10 for these modems. All of the modems sold by TPG are of good quality and you will also receive your modem pre-configured, so all you need to do when it arrives is plug it in. There is full technical support if you have any trouble setting up the modem.

However, you don't have to buy a modem from TPG. If you are happy to shop around and don't mind configuring it yourself (the modem will come with all the information you need and TPG will supply you with the username and password) this might be a cheaper option.

Local calls cost 25 cents untimed, mobile calls are 39 cents a minute with a 39 cent call connection and national calls are 25 cents a minute, with a 39 cent connection charge (national calls are capped at $2 for a 20 minute call, then 25 cents a minute thereafter).

TPG asks for a $20 deposit for phone calls when you sign up. As you use your phone, your deposit runs down. Once it has all gone, TPG will debit another $20. This is not a monthly charge, you will only be charged $20 when your initial deposit has been used up. If there is any credit left over when you move away from TPG, you will receive a refund.

The bloody TPG wont give you the refund for the $20 "deposit".....TPG cheats and sucks.....
Comment by Steven at 12/27/2012 9:39:07 AM
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