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We have been told that because of our exchange we can only connect to ADSL1 not ADSL2.

This is a Telstra fault/problem???? I thought ADSL2 was pretty well the standard...... Can you help explain? It is shockingly slow!

ADSL2+ is only the standard in metropolitan areas, and even then, some exchanges cannot be upgraded. I am not sure what the problem is in your case but it could be because you are on a RIM or sub-exchange, your exchange is not suitable for ADSL2+, or many other reasons.

In areas where internet providers rent Telstra's equipment, it's up to Telstra to decide how fast the service is. But other factors can also slow your connection, such as your distance from the exchange and the state of the copper wire leading to your home.

If you can get ADSL1, this is still a good connection and your exchange could still be upgraded in the future. Keep an eye out for news of exchange upgrades on Compare Broadband, or call up a few providers in your area every now and again to find out if any upgrades are planned.

In the meantime, you can find the best value and fastest ADSL1 plan through our website. ADSL1 speeds are up to 8Mbps, which is still a fast speed.

has some great value plans, especially when bundled with a home phone line. Plans start from $39.95 for 40GB, split into 20GB peak and 20GB off peak, when bundled with a $29.95 home phone service.

Contracts are available on a month-to-month or 24-month basis. Give iPrimus a call on 1300 137 794 for more details of their plans.

is renowned for its customer service and also has some good value ADSL plans available at most exchanges across Australia. Plans are available at a 1,500kbps speed or up to 20Mbps. Give iiNet a call on 1300 106 571 for more information.

It's also worth calling Optus. Optus can sometimes offer a better service from their own exchange, if there is one nearby. Call Optus on 1300 137 897 to find out if a service is available in your area.

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