Best Home Wi-Fi Plans
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I’ve researched Home Wi-Fi Plans & below are the best!
Connect multiple devices without wires
Access the internet in any room in the home
Perfect for tablets and laptops
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Home Wi-Fi Plans

Plan Type
Contact Details
Naked DSL 200GB Economy MyNetFone broadband plan
Free Wi-Fi modem and free setup
No line rental
Low contention connection for high speed internet access

Naked DSL
Broadband only
200 GB
100 GB
Cost of 1MB data (included in plan): $0.0002
per month
Minimum Cost
1300 421 046


Expert’s Tip: Perfect for downloading movies, music and more
ADSL2+ Unlimited Bundle TPG broadband plan including monthly phone line rental
Unlimited Internet Access
Unlimited calls to Australian Mobiles
Unlimited local / standard national calls including 13/1300 numbers

Bundled with Home Phone
per month
Minimum Cost
1300 764 000


Expert’s Tip: Includes free Wi-Fi modem
Optus 30GB Home Broadband ADSL2+
Great for low internet users
Keep your existing landine provider
Double your data up to twice per year for free

Broadband only
30 GB
Cost of 1MB data (included in plan): $0.0018
per month
Minimum Cost
1300 192 947


Expert’s Tip: Includes a free Wi-Fi modem
ADSL2+ 70GB Belong broadband plan
Uses the Telstra network
Speeds of up to 20Mbps
No cancellation fees

Broadband only
70 GB
Cost of 1MB data (included in plan): $0.0007
per month
Minimum Cost
1300 652 369


Expert’s Tip: Receive 5GB of free data every 6 months
Telstra ADSL2+ Home Bundle - S
Free Home Wi-Fi Network Gateway Modem
Top-up three times a year
Fast and reliable broadband

Bundled with Home Phone
10 GB
per month
Minimum Cost
1800 060 722


Expert’s Tip: Ideal for low internet users

About Home Wi-Fi Plans

A Wi-Fi broadband internet connection is where you have a wireless network within your home or office. The best type of Wi-Fi network is made with fast ADSL2+, ADSL, or cable broadband connections, via a Wi-Fi enabled modem router.

You can either buy your Wi-Fi enabled ADSL or cable modem from an electronics shop, or you can purchase it through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The advantage of buying it from your ISP is that the device often comes pre-programmed with your username and password (so all you have to do is plug it in), and the company will be obligated to offer you technical support if any issues arise.

Wi-Fi networks are ideal for people who have a laptop, notebook, tablet computer, or an internet-ready smartphone they want to be able to use in more than one location around the home. With a wireless network, multiple users can access the internet at the same time. Another major advantage with Wi-Fi is you never need to worry about tripping over an Ethernet cable.

To create a good Wi-Fi network you need to have a fast broadband speed. The minimum speed should be 1500kbps on ADSL1, but an 8000kbps speed, ADSL2+ (24Mbps), or cable (30Mbps) connection speed will ensure you can connect numerous devices to the one signal simultaneously. You’ll never need to worry about waiting for a web page or video to load up.

When you can’t get ADSL or cable broadband, but need to create a Wi-Fi network at home, a Mobile Wireless Wi-Fi USB modem will be your best fallback option. This Wi-Fi network is not as stable as a fixed line connection, as it can drop out like a mobile phone’s reception.

Mobile broadband speeds are also much slower than with ADSL or cable, because the more people there are using the mobile phone tower, the less speed you’ll receive.

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