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A home phone and broadband plan, also known as a bundle, is where you rent your landline telephone and fixed line broadband connection through a single provider. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering home phone and broadband plans often discount the price of their broadband when bought together with a phone line rental, as well as the amount of included phone calls to local, national, mobile, and even international numbers.

ADSL2+ 100GB iPrimus broadband plan - Line rental included Home Phone

ADSL2+ / 100 GB

Month to month / $60.00 Per Month

NBN 100GB iPrimus broadband plan - Line rental included - Basic 12/1Mbps Home Phone

NBN / 100 GB

Month to month / $60.00 Per Month

Optus 60 Plan nbn™ - Basic Speed Home Phone

NBN / Unlimited

Month to month / $60.00 Per Month

Includes $200 Start-Up Fee

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About Bundle Plans

An advantage to getting a bundle plan is you only need to deal with one company if you have an account or technical problem. Each month you’ll get one bill for both services, which can make things easier to budget for financially, as there won’t be two different dates to be concerned with.

The most common home phone and broadband plans in Australian metropolitan locations is an ADSL2+ home phone bundle. Cable and NBN bundle options are also available but not available in all areas. 

When comparing home phone and broadband plans you should look at the connection type broadband speed, monthly cost, data limit, contract length, set-up fees, modem fees, included phone calls, shaping speed (what speed the connection slows to when you reach your limit), and on and off-peak times. Some providers now also bundle in streaming TV services with their plans. Each of these points can vary a lot between providers, so it’s good to get a big picture view of what is available, and then go with the plan that suits your specific needs. 

Keeping all these factors in mind our consultants can simplify the process and help you find the most suitable plan for your household needs.

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