• Waiting times depend upon the nature of the set-up
  • Moving house can have the longest wait time (up to 21 working days)
  • Mobile broadband an easy solution for connecting in a hurry

So you’re moving into a new house or you’re not satisfied with your current internet provider but you’ve found a new plan that you want to try, great! 

The next problem is, how long do you have to wait to get connected?

Today, we’ll cover some of the typical situations where you might be making a new connection and how long it usually takes before you can get back on the ‘net.

I'm moving house (NBN)

Depending on how ready your property is for NBN, connecting can take anywhere from 48 hours to around 3 weeks. 

If there is already NBN equipment installed in your property by the previous owners, activation will usually only take 48-72 hours.

However, if you require the equipment to be installed, the likely time frame extends to 1-3 weeks due to the availability of technicians to complete the activation. Just keep in mind that this is still subject to the connection technology type available in your area. Generally, there are seven of these technology types:

While all of these technologies will be able to connect you to the network, some utilise more copper while others operate via wireless or satellite. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to choose the technology available in your area. Among these technologies, installing a connection through fixed wireless NBN and Sky Muster satellite proved to be lengthier.

I’m moving house (ADSL2+)

While the technology behind the ADSL2+ is already being phased out and replaced by the NBN, there are still some people connecting to it, primarily because of NBN unavailability in their region as of the moment. To date, only Telstra and MATE are actively providing ADSL2+ plans.

Unlike when you are connecting to the NBN, ADSL2+ installations always require a technician to visit even if you just intend to switch providers. This can lead to a longer connection time. Generally, the wait time for an ADSL2+ connection is around ten working days because every connection takes at least a small amount of manual labour.

It may be tempting to sign up for your internet before you move house, but we generally advise against this. You could run the risk of either disabling the current occupant's phone and internet, or not being able to give the provider access to the property if they need to be able to go inside for any reason. We recommend signing up with the provider you have chosen three to four days before you move into the new property. Note that even if a provider advertises fast churning times, this does not apply if you're moving to an entirely new property. If you feel like you'll be helpless without a broadband connection, you could always find yourself a cheap mobile broadband option for your time in limbo. 

You'll want to make sure that you're picking a plan that has no contract, and a reasonably cheap set-up. It's rare that you'll find something within a budget that's more than 1-2GBs, but if you're only using it to check emails and other urgent matters while you wait for your fixed-line connection to activate, there shouldn’t be a problem. Getting a dongle to keep in a drawer on the off chance you'll need it one day can be a great idea, and can definitely keep down frustration around having to wait for the internet.

I want mobile broadband

Mobile broadband comes with its own host of drawbacks – but the time it takes to make the initial connection is definitely not one of them. 

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Unlike the other options we’ve talked about, the wait time for your mobile broadband isn’t down to your provider but your local post office. Whenever you get the modem or dongle, you can just plug it in, in some cases you’ll have to quickly register it, but it’s go time from there! It's a great way to connect as you’re waiting on a more permanent option. 

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