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iiNet is one of Australia's longest-lasting internet service providers. With iiNet's quirky ads and great value NBN plans, it's not surprising the company has had millions of subscribers over the years. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of another titan of the Aussie telecommunications industry, TPG.

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iiNet broadband provider logo

iiNet broadband provider logo
Broadband + Home Phone
50 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $79.99 ongoing
Min total cost $69.99
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iiNet broadband provider logo
Broadband + Home Phone
97 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 12 months, then $99.99 per month ongoing
Min total cost $89.99
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iiNet Internet plans

iiNet is one of the best value Internet providers in Australia, and with its long history, you can trust that it will remain a strong competitor in the market.

iiNet plans include an optional Fetch Entertainment Bundle Offer allowing you to add a Fetch set-top box to your plan. There's a $89.99 setup fee, which gets you the Fetch Mini 4K set-top box, access to streaming apps like Netflix and Disney Plus, and 30 movies to watch at any time.

The Fetch set-top box allows you to record, pause and rewind free-to-air TV, watch movies and TV shows from multiple streaming services, including Netflix, Stan, Disney Plus and more.

This internet service provider is also known for its 24/7 customer support which can assist you with any issue you may have, big or small.

iiNet NBN plans

Like most NBN providers, iiNet offers plans across all NBN speed tiers, including Superfast and Ultrafast. There are no lock-in contracts, giving you freedom to pay month-to-month and change plans whenever you like. All plans also come with an NBN home phone offered, though calls are charged on a PAYG basis.

If you're looking to switch to an iiNet NBN plan, the process is pretty straightforward and should only take a few minutes. You can either call their friendly customer service staff for assistance or call us at Compare Broadband before making a decision. Our broadband experts can help you compare broadband plans so you can find the right one for your home.

iiNet NBN speeds

iiNet's NBN plans offer the following speed tiers: NBN 12, NBN 25 , NBN 50, NBN 100, NBN 250 and NBN 1000.

If you use the internet sparingly, the NBN12 plan should be enough for your needs. This plan comes with unlimited data and typical evening speeds of up to 12Mbps. If you need a bit more speed, the next step up is the NBN25 plan which offers speeds of up to 25Mbps.

The NBN50 and NBN100 plans are best suited for homes with multiple users and devices or for those who need to upload large files on a regular basis. These broadband plans come with unlimited data and speeds of up to 50Mbps and 100Mbps, respectively.

If you run a home business, watch a lot of 4K entertainment or just hate waiting for things to download, then consider paying just a bit more for NBN 250 or NBN 1000 plans. Availability of these plans does depend on the type of NBN connection at your address, though.

iiNet NBN unlimited Internet and home phone bundle plans 

iiNet's Liimitless plans are simple: it has taken the traditional monthly broadband quota and made it limitless. With unlimited data on a great value plan, you can take your entertainment and everyday tasks online without worries. Whether it's streaming movies on demand, downloading large files or gaming and streaming, you'll be able to do it faster with iiNet Liimitless Unlimited internet plans. 

iiNet Liimitless Plans include:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited data quota at all times
  • $0 setup fee for new customers
  • The latest NBN technology and internet equipment
  • Router rentals are available on request.

iiNet unlimited broadband plans are available at all speed tiers. The most popular is iiNet's Unlimited NBN 50 Broadband Plan. This plan comes with a Typical Evening Speed of 50Mbps between 7 pm and 11 pm, PAYG Local and Standard National calls, and an optional Fetch entertainment pack. You can choose to add iiNet's high speed NBN modem with 4G backup, which costs $0 if you stay connected over 24 months (and $10 delivery fee) or bring your own modem.

The iiNet Unlimited NBN 100 broadband plan comes with a typical Evening Speed of 90Mbps between 7 pm and 11pm. For only $89.99 for the first 12 months (then $99.99 afterwards), you'll get pay as you go calls and an optional Fetch box. As with itsr NBN 50 plan, you can either buy a modem from iiNet or BYO modem.

If you like having a home phone, you can add a call pack to simplify your costs. For $5 a month, you can add a local, National and mobile call pack that adds standard calls to Australian numbers. An International call pack is also available for $10 a month, which includes all your calls to landlines in the UK, France, China, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, USA, Ireland, Italy and Taiwan.

With iiNet's Unlimited plans, you'll get free setup on all plans when you sign up. 

iiNet satellite plans

iiNet offers a range of Satellite NBN plans for rural and regional Australians using the Sky Muster satellite service. It offers different speeds depending on your location. 

However, it is important to note that Satellite NBN generally has much lower data allocation than fixed-line connections. Some of this data may also be split up for use on and off-peak, so make sure you read the fine print.

iiNet home wireless

Offering an alternative to the an entry-level NBN connection, iiNet home wireless broadband delivers typical evening speeds of 16Mbps download speeds and 2Mbps upload speeds. It uses a 4G mobile network to deliver the connection, so it is only available in areas with strong mobile coverage.

There's no hassle of getting connected, as iiNet will supply a premium Wi-Fi modem that you just need to plug into power and you'll be ready to go.

There's no activation fee, and $0 delivery for the modem. iiNet even gives you your first month's plan fees for free.

5G home broadband

Much like the home wireless plan, iiNet's 5G home broadband services work as an alternative to NBN plans in areas that can get a good 5G signal. 

There are two speed options available: Plus and Premium. Plus offers 50Mbps download speeds, while Premium delivers 96Mbps. You'll get a premium Wi-Fi modem included, and iiNet will give you your first month free. 

Unlike the 4G home wireless plan, iiNet also offers Fetch with its 5G home broadband plans. The box itself is $0 a month for the first 24 months, with a $89.99 setup fee.

Why choose iiNet for your home Internet?

iiNet has built up an excellent reputation over the years by consistently delivering exceptional service to its customers. iiNet has excellent customer service and technical support available to assist you 24/7 should you ever need help with your internet connection.

As iiNet is also owned by TPG, you can expect to find the same outstanding service available at iiNet as you would at TPG.

With a plan to suit every home's Internet speed requirements, the ability to easily add monthly call packs and Fetch entertainment bundles, iiNet has a full suite of services for Australian homes.

Compare iiNet Internet plans

iiNet NBN plans are a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable NBN connection. The service it provides is far beyond expectations. If you want to compare iiNet plans, you can use our broadband plan comparison tool. Just enter your address, and we'll show you all the available internet plans in your area.

We'll make your search for the best internet plan much easier. Our experts have reviewed hundreds of broadband plans and deals in the market to help you decide. Call us at Compare Broadband today.


I already have a modem. Can I use it with iiNet?

If you are coming from a broadband plan that has an NBN-ready router, the device may be compatible with iiNet’s plans. But this depends on the type you are getting as some iiNet plans may require a new modem.

iiNet offers a ready-to-go modem for customers, which includes a 4G backup service and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for your home. It's worth $192, but is available for $0 if you stay connected to iiNet for 24 months.

Can I keep the Fetch TV set-top box even if I switch to another provider?

Customers who want to add a Fetch TV to their iiNet NBN plans need to pay a setup fee worth $89.99. The fee includes the cost of the set-top box which means you get to keep the device even if you decide to switch to another telco.

Can I make phone calls with my iiNet NBN plan?

When you sign up for an iiNet NBN plan, you also get a phone line for no additional charge. You can make calls through it and calls will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. iiNet offers two call packs: $5 a month gets you unlimited calls to standard Australian landline and mobile numbers. Customers who wish to make overseas calls can pay an extra $10 per month to avail of the International Call Pack. This includes unlimited calls to landlines in up to 20 countries such as the UK, the US, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

What are my data options?

iiNet offers Limitless data on NBN which means using your fast broadband to the maximum. With unlimited data on a fantastic value plan, you get the ultimate experience doing your everyday online tasks.

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