• Free mobile plan for six months
  • iiNet offering Naked DSL
  • Excellent value from a great ISP

iiNet is offering new and existing customers a free mobile plan for six months in return for signing up to a bundled or Naked DSL plan on a 24-month contract.

New iiNet customers

New customers simply need to sign up to any bundled home phone and broadband or Naked DSL plan for 24 months to receive their free SIM card on iiNet's $20 a month Casual Conversation plan.

iiNet's Naked DSL plans start from $69.95 a month for 100GB (split 50GB in the peak, 50GB in the off peak). iiNet's Naked plans are great value for customers who make a lot of local and national calls, as these are included in a free VoIP plan.

If you prefer to keep your landline, iiNet bundle plans start from $59.90 a month, which includes 20GB split 10GB in the peak, 10GB in the off peak, plus line rental.

There is no set-up fee on the 24-month home phone and broadband bundle and a $79.95 fee for the Naked DSL plan.

Existing iiNet customers

Existing iiNet customers are still eligible for the deal. Customers can add a 24-month FetchTV plan, add a phone service to a standalone DSL plan, or wait until you are out of contract, then re-sign to a 24-month contract. Customers who are 18 months through a 24-month contract can also re-contract for 24 months to take advantage of the offer.

iiNet's Casual Conversation plan

The mobile plan includes $450 of mobile calls and texts, 1.5GB of national data and 150GB of social data, plus $1000 of calls to other iiNet mobiles monthly.

There is a 35c flagfall and calls to Australian landlines or mobiles cost 90c a minute, so that's 209 two-minute calls. Text messages cost 25c, so that's a maximum of 1800 text messages in a month, if you didn't make any calls.

Standard national voice calls, standard national and international SMS and MMS, calls to 1300/13/1800, Voicemail and national diversions are all included in the cap value.

The 150GB of social data includes Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter and MySpace. This is ideal for anyone who loves uploading photos and video to their social profiles. The extra 1.5GB is plenty for surfing the web, listening to online radio or viewing Youtube while out and about.

iiNet uses the Optus network, which covers 97% of the Australian population. This plan usually costs $20 a month plus $25 for the SIM card.

After the six months, you can either send the SIM back to iiNet and call up to cancel the mobile plan, or do nothing and iiNet will start taking out $20 a month from the seventh month.

Sign up

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 to find out if Naked DSL, ADSL2+ or ADSL services are available in your area, or view iiNet plans online. Click on More Details, then Sign Up Online if you want to sign up to a plan.