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Like your internet fast? NBN Premium plans, or NBN 100 plans, are some of the fastest NBN plans around. It’s the best option if you’re living your best modern life that involves a lot of streaming, downloading, uploading, or video chats. 

However, not all Premium Evening Speed plans are the same. So make sure you compare the different NBN 100 plans offered by internet service providers to see which NBN 100 plan is the right one for you.

iiNet broadband provider logo
Broadband + Home Phone
Unlimited Data
100 Mbps (Premium Speed)
6 Months
Min total cost $659.93
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
100 Mbps (Premium Speed)
Month to month
Min total cost $100
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
100 Mbps (Premium Speed)
Month to month
Min total cost $105
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Aussie Broadband broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
100 Mbps (Premium Speed)
Month to month
Min total cost $109
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NBN 100 plans are NBN's fastest and most widely available speed tier. These plans are ideal for large households and internet users who regularly upload or download large files.

When choosing an NBN provider, you have to consider whether they are connected to the fastest speed. 

The good news is that the ACCC has made it a lot easier. All ISPs are now required to advertise their typical evening speeds, especially those that offer fixed-line NBN plans (Fibre-to-the-Premises, Fibre-to-the-Node, Fibre-to-the-Building, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial, and Fibre-to-the-Curb). But, unfortunately, most of them are found to have noticeably lower speeds than the NBN plan's maximum speeds.



Best NBN 100 plans

NBN 100 plans let you stream multiple Netflix streams simultaneously, even at the highest resolution. On the other hand, gamers will also appreciate the extra speed to download larger games and updates.

Upload bandwidth is helpful for cloud backups for files like high-resolution images and Full HD and/or 4K videos. It's also the ideal plan for sole traders and small businesses who require to upload and share small or large files with clients or use cloud storage and software.

NBN 100 plans are also called "Premium" NBN plans since they offer premium upload and download speeds. We'll be quick to walk you through the various plans available, which can range from $90 per month up to $100+ per month. 


How Fast is NBN 100?

NBN 100 plans, as the name implies, offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps. However, actual usage may vary. You may see varying evening speeds of around 85-90Mbps. The good news is though many providers claim to be able to provide the full 100Mbps evening speed.

That’s why it’s important to check the typical evening speeds of your internet plan. Typical evening speed indicates what speeds the internet plan will typically reach during peak periods (between 7pm and 11pm). 

Upload speeds are generally 20Mbps and download speed of 100 Mbps download. Here’s how NBN 100 compares to other speed tiers in the NBN in terms of download speed for a better vision.


NBN Speed Tiers Download Speed Comparison


Internet Activity NBN50 NBN100 NBN250 NBN1000

Music Download (100MB)

16 sec

8 sec

3 sec

1 sec

Downloading Game (50Gb)

2 hrs, 20 mins

1 hr, 10 mins

29 mins

7 mins

HD movie streaming

3 mins

1.5 mins

34 sec

42 sec

Photoshop (3Gb)

3 mins

1.5 min

34 sec

8 sec


How Do I Choose the Right NBN plan?

Nearly every internet service provider that offers NBN services has the NBN 100 plans as their top-rung option. However, only a few telcos offer the NBN 250 or NBN 1000 superfast options.

It's also worth checking your connection type before signing up for a provider - such as a hybrid fibre coaxial cable (HFC) or a fibre-to-the-node connection (FTTN). Also, ask the telco if the connection is suitable for the speed tier. You may be able to try their service for a free trial period.

There are several things you should consider when choosing a plan.

  • how much data you'll need
  • what speed will you need
  • your monthly budget

Everybody wants to have the fastest connection. However, it may come with a price. At the end of the day, you want an internet plan sufficient enough to cater to your online activities. Compare the NBN plans that are within your budget to plan your monthly internet budget.

A capped NBN plan will be more suitable if you use the internet only to connect to social media. An unlimited data plan, on the other hand, would be more suitable for heavy users who engage in streaming activities such as binge-watching Netflix or playing online games.

Here are the most popular NBN 100 plans available in our database.


Popular NBN 100 Plans


NBN Provider

NBN Plan


 Belong NBN Plans

NBN Unlimited Belong Premium broadband plan on the NBN™


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 Dodo NBN Plans

NBN Premium Speed (nbn100) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan


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 Uniti Wireless NBN Plans

NBN The 100 (nbn100) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan


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 Optus NBN Plans

NBN Optus Family Internet Ultimate Bundle Plan


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Is it worth getting NBN 100?

NBN plans advertise a maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps, but your connection may be slower than what you are paying for.

If you've got a Fibre to the Node NBN connection, you may experience slower-than-advertised speeds due to your home's distance from the node. Customers located within 400m of a node will be able to receive speeds up to 100Mbps while those who are further away than 700m may experience significant speed degradation.

Another possible reason for slowing down is congestion. It's possible that you are experiencing slower speeds during certain times. This could be because everyone in your neighbourhood is watching high definition videos simultaneously.


Do I need a Premium Evening Speed plan?

That may depend on your internet usage, as well as how many other internet users there are in your household. If you have housemates or family members who are avidly using the home broadband, you may definitely want to consider one of the higher NBN speed tiers; especially if you’re all using the internet simultaneously. Many NBN users find that they are satisfied with an NBN deal on the Standard Plus Evening Speed tier (also known as NBN 50)... but if you and/or members of your household are using the internet a lot, and using it at the same time, then you may experience some slowed performances, even on an NBN 50 plan. Thankfully, you have options; with a Premium Evening Speed plan, you and the members of your household can all comfortably use the internet for what you want, as much as you want, and at the same time. You can all simultaneously watch different streaming services on multiple devices, make video calls, and play online games until the cows come home. And this NBN tier need not be limited to recreational activity; Premium Evening Speed plans are great for businesses both small and large, whether you’re renting an office or working from home. NBN 100 plans provide an unparalleled service when it comes to uploading or downloading hefty files, hosting video conferences, keeping sizable online storages, or simply facilitating a reliable Wi-Fi service for you and your workmates.

Is it worth getting NBN 100?

For a person living in the modern era, reliable and fast internet speed is a lifestyle. And if you are aiming for fast internet, you better prepare yourself with NBN 100 premium plans. It is the most immediate internet connection in all of Australia.

NBN does not hesitate to offer several options to its clients. It’s all because of customer service that their clients have the opportunity to select the internet plan that best fits their needs. Someone who lives in modern times cannot do without fast internet, especially when connecting to too many social media apps, streaming, uploading, downloading, or video chats. A mediocre internet speed capacity will not be enough.

However, you have to be mindful of factors, especially when your connection is Fibre to Node NBN. The experience would end up slower if your home is far from the node when you are beyond 400m. Internet speed congestion is also anticipated when people are streaming high-quality or definition videos. The NBN is worth the investment because its maximum speed reaches 100 Mbps, especially when you are near the node within the 400m range.

What are the other NBN Speed Tiers?

NBN speed tiers vary in both speed and cost. You choose which one you want when you choose the NBN deal you wish to sign with. There are four NBN speed tiers: NBN 12, NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100. The numbers refer to the megabits-per-second  - which is how we measure internet speed - that each plan offers. 

  • Basic Evening Speed - also known as NBN 12, Basic Evening Speed offers a maximum download speed of 12Mbps. NBN 12 plans are typically much cheaper than the higher speed tiers, but this is because they are generally much slower, to the extent that some internet providers won’t bother offering them.
  • Standard Evening Speed - also known as NBN 25, a Standard Evening Speed plan will give you a maximum download speed of 25Mbps, and a 5Mbps upload speed.
  • Standard Plus Evening Speed - also known as NBN 50, Standard Plus Evening Speed plans will offer you a maximum download speed of 50Mbps, and a 20Mbps upload speed. NBN 50 plans tend to be a good middle-of-the-road option for many NBN customers.
  • Premium Evening Speed - also known as NBN 100, or sometimes simply as the NBN Premium, Premium Evening Speeds will give you a maximum download speed of 100Mbps, and a 40Mbps upload speed. This is why NBN 100 plans are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to fast NBN speeds. 

What is the difference between download and upload speeds?

The difference between download speeds and upload speeds is, a nutshell, which direction an online file is going. A download speed refers to how fast you can get a file off the internet and on to your computer, whereas an upload speed refers to how quickly you can take a file from your computer and put it into the internet, ie. sending an email that has a file, or safely saving a new document into your iCloud or Dropbox storage. Most people tend to do a lot more downloading than they do uploading, which is why most providers will boast about their download speed whenever they need to condense a plan’s information in advertising. But obviously, it’s handy to have an NBN plan that lets you upload as easily as it lets you download.

If I upgrade to NBN 100, do I need new equipment?

It very much depends on the terms and conditions laid out by the service provider that you’re considering; but in most instances, no, you should be able to upgrade to a Premium Evening Speed plan without having to upgrade your router or modem. That said, if you really want maximum speeds, keen in mind that that newer hardware may help optimise a Premium NBN speed.

Will my Premium Evening Speed plan ever stop working?

While the NBN 100 plans are definitely the most reliable of all the NBN speed tiers, you’d be hard pressed (and perhaps foolish) to guarantee that anything in this world is guaranteed to never stop working! NBN outages are not uncommon, and all NBN plans, including the NBN 100 plans are susceptible to this. But the occasional NBN outage is nothing to worry about. NBN outages typically occur when inclement weather has temporarily affected service, or when the NBN Co has planned maintenance in your area. In either scenario, the NBN Co will send a team to fix the problem as soon as is feasible. You can also visit the NBN Co’s Network Status and Outages page to see if there is any planned maintenance scheduled around your neighborhood.

Another factor that may result in slower speeds is congestion; think of your broadband as traffic; if you try using the internet at the same time most other people do - which is 7pm to 11pm, a period known as Typical Evening Speed time - then you may get caught in a proverbial traffic jam. Or your Wi-Fi signal might simply be blocked by something in your house; some customers have found that their Wi-Fi signal can be easily obstructed by anything from a wall, to a mirror, to Christmas tree, to a fish tank. That or you might simply be facing general connection issues; you can see to this by rebooting your modem, making sure that all relevant cables are properly inserted, or simply by calling your NBN service provider for customer support.

What is the difference between NBN 50 and NBN 100?

All NBN plans are created for all customers in Australia. The goal is to offer various NBN plans that fit lifestyles and needs. NBN 50 and NBN 100 are the most popular but quite different plans today, and here are the reasons why.

The NBN 50 aims to provide loyal subscribers with an affordable and fast internet speed. It is the plan many customers refer to as the “Standard Plus Evening Speed.” Does it give its subscribers a reliable broadband connection? It does and even when many devices are using the link all at the same time. The NBN 50 is 50 Mbps and is impressively stable for streaming and other internet activities.

If you prefer the best and premium plans, NBN 100 is for you. The speed tier is widespread throughout Australia and is currently a top demand for many clients. A well-engaged person with internet transactions, video chats, gaming, downloading, uploading, and streaming are the most suitable plan to get. Its 100 Mbps serve a really excellent internet speed experience.

What is 100Mbps good for?

100 Mbps people who require a premium plan for their internet activities. For instance, for music downloads, with 100 Mbps, it’s completed in only 8 seconds. Downloading a game needs an extensive amount of time to finish. But with 100 Mbps, the waiting won’t exceed an hour. Websites open up in an instant. Uploading photos and videos would no longer be a hassle. With 100 Mbps, all internet activities are high-speed.

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