• It’s frustrating when your Wi-Fi suddenly stops connecting when you need it
  • Connection issues can occur for a range of reasons
  • Read on to learn possible reasons why your Wi-Fi isn’t working

When your Wi-Fi isn't working, it can be due to different issues like equipment problems or Internet outages. 

So... why isn't your Wi-Fi working? The answer is likely very simple and fairly easy to remedy. Your service could be at fault - and that’s where we can help - or it could be any number of reasons that could be simple to fix.

If you're having trouble connecting to your home Wi-Fi, keep reading to find out how to troubleshoot and fix it. Use these tips to get your Internet back up and running, or find new Internet providers in your area by entering your address on this page.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working?

It can be frustrating when you set up your Internet but can't get Wi-Fi to work. 

Before you call your Internet provider or ask for help, try these steps to fix your Wi-Fi. If your Internet is fast but Wi-Fi is slow, you can try to make it faster.

If you keep having problems, you might want to think about getting a better Internet plan or switching providers. You can find Internet deals in your area by entering your address on this page.

Issues with your modem or router

If your Wi-Fi isn't working, your equipment might be the problem. You might have a modem and router, or a single device that does both jobs. 

Checking your Internet gear is a good way to start fixing the issue. Devices can cause problems if they're not set up right, are old, or don't work with your Internet.

Loose cables

Another common issue that can disrupt your Wi-Fi is loose or wrongly positioned cables. 

Ethernet cables, power cords, surge protectors, power strips, and extension cords can all interfere with your Internet signal if they're not properly connected.

Your device is the issue

Your wireless gadgets might be causing your Internet troubles. If a device is broken or not connected to Wi-Fi, it can make it seem like your Wi-Fi isn't working. 

Try to figure out if your devices are causing the problem by checking them one by one.

Weather issues

Bad weather can affect certain types of Internet connections. 

Satellite, fixed wireless, and 5G Internet aren't directly connected by wires, so things like storms, ice, and fog can disrupt the signals from the towers or satellites.

Power outages

If your Wi-Fi isn't working, it might be due to a power outage or a problem with your Internet provider. 

You can find out when your service will be back by contacting your power company or reaching out to your Internet provider's customer support.

You need a new Internet provider

If your Wi-Fi suddenly stops working, it might be a temporary issue with the system. You can try restarting your modem, router, and device to see if that fixes the problem.

However, sometimes, the problems with your Wi-Fi aren’t about any of the issues we’ve already listed; it’s your Internet provider. When this is the case, you could look to try another provider or a new plan with a better speed. 

Upgrade with Compare Broadband

If your Internet provider is no longer working for you, work with us and find a new one. We’ll talk you through what you’re looking for and get you connected to the right one.