• Telstra Air in Brief
  • Who can use Telstra Air?
  • Where can Telstra Air be used?

Since old payphones are no longer being used, Telstra, Australia’s telco giant, made a decision to re-purpose them, using these old payphones as wireless hotspots. You will instantly recognise this because it is characterised by a pink dome on top of it. Even Telstra stores act as a hotspot and broadband customers also have the opportunity to turn their home modem into a hotspot too. If this already piqued your interest, then read on to have an idea of everything you need to know about Telstra Air.


Telstra Air in Brief

Telstra Air can be considered as Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network coverage. This means that Telstra Air customers can use this to access unlimited data through their smartphones or any mobile device such as tablets, and even their laptops. Telstra Air also automatically connects its customers to the nearest hotspot that is within range, as long as they have downloaded the Telstra Air app on their device.

Who can use Telstra Air?

Telstra Air is available to various Telstra customers who are either mobile subscribers, mobile broadband subscribers, or home broadband subscribers. In this case, if you are actively seeking the best home Wi-Fi broadband plans, then check out the fastest internet providers and you will be able to find Telstra in one of them. Nonetheless, even if you are not a Telstra subscriber, you can still get the chance to access Telstra Air by purchasing a guest pass through their official site.

Where can Telstra Air be used?

Currently, there are over a million hotspots all over Australia and you will be able to use Telstra Air in any of them. You will be able to find hotspots in public payphones, local council areas, as well as Telstra business centers, and even residential areas. In terms of the latter, hotspots are made available in residential areas when Telstra home broadband subscribers decide to turn their modem into a hotspot. If you are not yet a Telstra home broadband subscriber, make sure that you check out their home Wi-Fi broadband plans because they offer some of the best deals that you can find. With Telstra’s partnership with Fon, you will even get to access over 19 million hotspots all over the globe.

How to use Telstra Air

It is relatively easy to use Telstra Air because you can do so in three simple steps.

  1. Activate your service

The first thing that you need to do to use Telstra Air is to activate your service. If you are both a mobile subscriber, as well as a home broadband subscriber, you only need to activate the service in only one of your plans. Otherwise, make sure that you create a guest pass account first.

  1. Look for a hotspot

As soon as you have already activated the Telstra Air service, the next thing that you need to do is to find a hotspot near you. From there, make sure that the Wi-Fi of your device is turned on for you to be able to see Telstra Air on your Wi-Fi list. Remember that the service will only work if you are near a hotspot, be it one of the payphones that the telco has converted into a hotspot, a home hotspot, or a business gateway.

  1. Connect

Once you see Telstra Air on the Wi-Fi list on your device, you just need to connect to it and you can already start enjoying the free data. The great part about this service is that you can enjoy the service on up to three different devices as long as you log in to Telstra Air using your Telstra ID.

Use a Telstra Air App

Along with the Telstra Air service is an app that you can download and install on your smartphone. It is quite relatively easy to use and as soon as you install it, the app will be able to walk you through the process of activating your mobile or broadband service. With the app, you will be able to automatically connect to Telstra Air as soon as you are within a hotspot range. The app can also help you locate the nearest hotspot and direct you to these areas. Rest assured that you will be able to use the app even outside of Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Telstra Air safe to use?

One of the biggest concerns that you may have when it comes to accessing Wi-Fi hotspots is the safety of your connection. In this case, you need to understand that like most public Wi-Fi networks, Telstra Air is open and not encrypted. Thus, if you need to access the internet to send or receive sensitive materials, or even to access your mobile banking services, then it is highly recommended that you don’t use a public hotspot to do so. In this case, you can use the hotspot to access a VPN instead, which can secure your access to the internet significantly.

  • Will Telstra Air have an impact on my home data allowance?

The answer is no, Telstra Air will not have any impact on your home data allowance. This is because your home Wi-Fi signal is separate from the Telstra Air signal. Thus, your data and information are kept separate. This means that even if you decide later on to convert your modem into a hotspot, and other users connect to it, your home broadband allowance will not be affected.

  • Can I use Telstra Air even if I’m not a Telstra subscriber?

For sure! However, you need to buy a Telstra Air Guest Pass before you will get the chance to access unlimited data. Your Guest Pass also comes with a certain period of expiry, depending on the amount that you purchased. For instance, a $5 Guest Pass amount will only last for an hour while a $30 Guest Pass will allow you to access the Telstra Air service for as long as 30 days.