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What is the NBN roll out map

For years, Australia relied on Telstra's phone lines and a few broadband providers for home phone and internet services, limiting consumer choice and speed. 

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, has changed this by offering a high-speed national network accessible to all providers. This competition helps keep prices low, and with newer technology, speeds are faster than ever.

The NBN rollout began in 2010 and is now officially complete, although ongoing improvements continue. Most areas and households have been switched over or have access to the NBN. 

What is the NBN rollout map?

The NBN rollout map was used as a handy tool to track when the NBN rollout was complete by address. It helped people to gain answers to whether the NBN was available and when they could expect it. It’s still available and is a useful way to determine what technology is available at your address.

It was available on the NBN website, making it easy for everyone to find out if they already have existing network coverage, or if not, when their area is planned to be equipped with it.

nbn rollout map

Using the NBN rollout map

The rollout map was made easy to understand with colour coded activities. Where NBN service was already available, areas were marked with the colour purple. 

Areas where NBN building had commenced were marked in brown. Dark green was used for areas where NBN approved construction partners were undertaking pre-construction activities, and yellow marked areas in which NBN services were not yet available, but where plans were underway

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