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Cable broadband offers fast internet connections up to 30Mbps

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Cable broadband connections are delivered over a dedicated cable from the exchange to your home. Cable broadband uses the same coaxial cable as pay TV services; however, customers can sign up to a cable broadband service without subscribing to pay TV. 

Telstra Home Internet Connect Bundle on Cable Home Phone

Cable / 100 GB

24 months / $69.00 Per Month

Telstra Home Internet Connect Plus Bundle on Cable Home Phone

Cable / 1000 GB

24 months / $79.00 Per Month

Telstra Home Internet Entertainment Bundle on Cable Home Phone

Cable / Unlimited

24 months / $99.00 Per Month


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About Cable Broadband

Cable broadband is great for customers who want a faster internet connection with speeds of up to 30Mbps possible in some areas and some providers offer a speed boost where you can pay extra to get speeds up to 100Mbps. Cable broadband is not available in as many places as ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband. Telstra and Optus are the main cable broadband providers in Australia.

When shopping around for cable broadband plans, you will need to decide whether you also want a home phone service. Optus offers customers the choice of bundling their line rental or going 'Naked' and just ordering a broadband plan. If you are interested in pay TV, you may receive a discount by bundling both services together. Installation costs can be higher than ADSL or ADSL2+ services, as a technician will need to connect your home to the cable in the street. You will also need a cable modem. An ADSL modem will not work on a cable connection.

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