• What is satellite Internet?
  • Which providers stand out as the cheapest?
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Satellite Internet is a valuable option for people living in areas where traditional cable or fibre Internet services are unavailable. It's particularly common in rural and regional parts of Australia.

While satellite Internet may not match the speed or reliability of fixed-line connections, advancements in technology have improved its performance over the years. This means it can now support a wide range of online activities, including email, streaming, social media, and video conferencing. Satellite NBN Internet plans offer hope for many Australians seeking a reliable Internet connection.

One drawback of satellite Internet is that it limits the choice of providers and plan inclusions. However, there are still several excellent options available in the Australian market. Currently, Compare Broadband has no satellite plans available, but that doesn't mean that we can’t talk you through the best options for you.

What is satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet offers a different way to connect to the Internet: it relies on satellites instead of traditional cables or wires. This technology is especially useful for people in remote or rural areas where a traditional Internet infrastructure is unavailable.

Just because it's convenient doesn't mean that there aren't drawbacks, however. One of the main drawbacks of satellite Internet is its slower speeds compared to wired connections and this is mainly due to the longer distance the signals must travel. However, continuous technological advancements aim to improve these speeds over time.

In Australia, two primary satellite Internet systems are Sky Muster NBN and Starlink. Sky Muster NBN operates two satellites, providing Internet access to regional and remote areas. Customers can choose from three plan types: standard, Sky Muster Plus, and Sky Muster Plus Premium.

The standard plans come with data caps, and once you reach your limit, your speeds may be reduced.

Sky Muster Plus plans offer more flexibility, with unmetered data for most activities (excluding video streaming and VPN data during specific hours).

The newest option, Sky Muster Plus Premium plans, provide unlimited data and faster speeds.

Are there unlimited satellite Internet plans available in Australia?

Yes, both Sky Muster Plus Premium and Starlink offer unlimited and unmetered Internet plans. Some providers also offer plans with mostly unmetered content, with exceptions like video streaming or VPN usage.

It's essential to check with your Internet provider to ensure you select the right plan for your needs.

Which providers offer the cheapest satellite Internet plans?

Living in regional communities may limit your Internet options, but there are still choices available. It's essential to compare plans from various providers to find the one that suits your needs.


Activ8me offers a range of plans across different speed tiers, including NBN 12, NBN 25, and Sky Muster Plus Premium. It provides both contract-free and six-month term plans, with the only benefit of the latter being a discount on a router.

If you already own a Sky Muster router, a month-to-month plan might be more suitable for you, allowing flexibility to switch plans as needed.


iiNet, a part of the TPG Group, is one of the leading telcos offering Satellite NBN plans. While it offers NBN 25 plans, it does not yet provide Sky Muster Premium Plus plans. 

However, all of iiNet's Sky Muster plans are contract-free and come without setup costs.


SkyMesh specialises in satellite and fixed wireless plans, excluding fixed-line connections. It offers all speed tiers on a contract-free basis, with no setup fees and round-the-clock support, including on public holidays.

Southern Phone

Southern Phone provides plans on the Sky Muster Plus and Premium speed tiers on a month-to-month basis, aiming to offer more affordable mobile and Internet services to customers in regional areas.


Starlink, operated by Elon Musk's company SpaceX, comprises thousands of smaller satellites in low Earth orbit to deliver Internet services globally. 

While available for purchase by anyone in Australia, it tends to have higher setup and ongoing costs. However, watch for discounted setup fees, which are often offered.

How long does it take to get connected to satellite NBN?

Installation times for satellite NBN vary depending on your location. Typically, NBN aims to get most satellite customers online within 20 business days. However, customers in more isolated areas may have to wait up to 35 business days. 

If your home or office is only accessible by air or water, the installation process could take as long as 90 business days.

What equipment do I need for Satellite NBN?

When you connect to a satellite NBN service, a satellite dish will be mounted on either your roof or the side of your house. This dish is different from the one used for the interim satellite service. If you're transferring from the interim service to the NBN, you'll have the option to have your old equipment removed when you get connected to the NBN.

Two cables are used to connect the dish to your satellite modem, which is located inside your home. If you sign up for a 24-month Internet contract, your telco will almost certainly include a satellite-compatible modem with your plan.

Want to switch plans?

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