Current and prospective iiNet customers can now sign up to add FetchTV to their ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband internet connection, and get the first 3 months of the internet TV service for free. This is a trial period, so if you are unhappy with the FetchTV service you can stop it anytime during the 3-month timeframe and return the set top box at no extra charge.

If you are happy with subscription TV channels, on-demand movies and a massive 1-terrabyte FetchTV set top box, keep FetchTV’s full service from as little as $29.95 per month.

The FetchTV set top box lets you record two TV shows simultaneously while you watch a third show, on both free-to-air and FetchTV channels. All of the internet TV and online movies you watch are not counted towards your monthly broadband data quota.

FetchTV has the largest selection of new release movies of any Australian TV service. You have two movie watching options. First, FetchTV 2’s Movie Box offers 30 on-demand movies per month you can watch anytime you like. Seven new film titles are added every week. Your second option is to watch pay-per-view new release movies. Again, none of your movie watching gets counted towards your data limit.

You’ll get the full list of free-to-air Australian TV channels, and in the FetchTV 2 package you’ll also get a large number of subscription channels. There are even cultural TV packages you can add-on for extra money if you want to view world TV from other countries. For example, the Mandarin package has 17 popular channels from China. There is also a great sports TV package showing over 1,000 unique football and rugby matches each year.

FetchTV lets you access you favourite social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter right from your TV screen. You can also access iiNet’s single player and multi-player Game Zones.

There are currently no set-up fees for FetchTV when you sign up to an iiNet 24-month broadband internet plan. FetchTV 1 (Starter) costs $14.95 a month and includes free-to-air TV channels, the set top box, apps and games, and access to paid movie rentals. Note: You can watch a rental for up to 48 hours from after you download it.

FetchTV 2 (Entertainment) packages cost $29.95 a month and include all of the above, plus the Movie Box and its 30 on-demand films, a plethora of subscription TV channels, TV on-demand, football club channels, music and content exclusive to iiNet.

The FetchTV set top box lets you pause, record and rewind live TV, and will store over 1,000 hours of movies, TV and video. The FetchTV box also has an entertainment guide to let you browse through all of your available TV channels.

iiNet is consistently one of the top two rated Internet Service Providers for customer service and technical support, as its services are based onshore in Australia. iiNet’s ADSL2+ and ADSL1 plans are quite competitive. Foxtel TV plans cost anywhere between $75 and $130 a month, plus $10 a month for the Foxtel iQHD set top box. Austar satellite TV is also a much more expensive option. It’s a free 3-month trial, so why not see if FetchTV suits your entertainment needs?