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Foxtel has always been a popular Pay TV option in Australia and it adapted to the digital era with Foxtel Now in 2013. It provides over 60 live channels and a vast on-demand library.

Foxtel Now stands out by letting you customise your channel packages based on what you like. Unlike BINGE, which charges a flat fee for all content, Foxtel Now's offerings depend on your chosen subscription. You can tailor your plan for TV shows (including HBO content), movies, live sports, and more. 

Customers can enjoy the flexibility of monthly payments and have the freedom to cancel anytime. You can also bundle Internet plans with Foxtel for better value for money.


Last updated 22/11/2023

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How much does it cost to subscribe to Foxtel Now?

To start, you need the basic Essentials pack, priced at $25 per month. You can enhance your subscription by adding extra packs, each incurring an additional monthly fee.

With all packs included, the total cost for Foxtel Now can go up to $104 per month.

Foxtel Now used to offer a free trial, but as of October 4, 2023, it has been discontinued. Trying the service now requires a minimum payment of $25.

Foxtel Now provides a variety of shows and movies based on the packs you choose. For example, the Essentials pack offers access to Foxtel originals, HBO content, news, and reality TV. Popular shows like Succession, The Last of Us, Rockwiz, Last Week Tonight, Colin from Accounts, Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, The Twelve, and Industry are available.

As for the difference between Foxtel Now and Foxtel GO, technically these are distinct services. Foxtel Now is a standalone streaming service, while Foxtel GO is a free add-on for Foxtel iQ subscribers. However, in 2023, these services are practically the same, with the Foxtel Now app being replaced by the Foxtel GO app.

Foxtel Now is compatible with various devices, allowing you to register up to 5 devices on one account. You can watch content on any 2 of those devices simultaneously. Keep in mind that some devices may require the Foxtel GO app for streaming, but the service remains consistent. Note that PS3 is only compatible with the older Foxtel Play app.

Foxtel TV bundles

There is a range of Internet providers that offer Foxtel TV as part of its bundling options.  Choose NBN connections with flexible 12 or 24-month contracts. NBN plans include unlimited data, featuring NBN 50 speed as standard and an optional NBN 100 upgrade for an extra $20 per month.

While setup fees may apply, Foxtel often runs promotions, waiving some or all of these charges. 

Check out the table below for a curated selection of Foxtel NBN plans, organised by monthly cost and provider. Explore other providers with our comparison tool. Note that the presented products include links to referral partners.

Telstra broadband provider logo
Telstra Basic NBN Broadband plan
$85 .00/ mth
Min total cost $85
Telstra broadband provider logo
Telstra Essential NBN Broadband plan
$100 .00/ mth
Min total cost $100
Telstra broadband provider logo
Telstra Premium NBN Broadband plan
$100 .00/ mth
Min total cost $100
Telstra broadband provider logo
Telstra Ultimate NBN Broadband plan
$115 .00/ mth
Min total cost $115
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