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  • Relocating your Optus, Telstra and TPG services
  • Learn about relocating your NBN service

Relocating to a new home often comes with a hefty price tag and demands a significant amount of time. From packing and hiring a moving truck to the actual move and subsequent unpacking, there is a lot to get done. 

However, even after all these tasks are completed, there's still much to be done, including setting up utilities such as water, electricity, and Internet services.

Unlike other utilities, you have the option to transfer your existing Internet connection to your new address. This can prove to be a time and cost-effective solution compared to setting up a new connection from scratch. Are you curious about how this process works?

Moving your service

When you move to a new house, you can take your NBN (National Broadband Network) service with you, but you typically won't take the NBN box itself. Instead, you'll need to leave the NBN box at your old address for the next resident or arrange for it to be returned to your service provider if you no longer need it.

To set up your NBN service at your new home, you'll need to contact your service provider and provide them with your new address. If the new house doesn't have an NBN box already installed, your service provider will then arrange for a technician to install a new NBN box at your new location. 

Once the NBN box is installed, you can simply plug in your modem and start using your NBN service as usual.

Relocating Optus, Telstra & TPG services


Relocating with your Optus services is a breeze. Simply submit a relocation request online through their portal, and you should receive further instructions within five business days.

Your existing contracts with Optus will carry over to your new location. However, if your new address is not serviceable, Optus will cancel your service without any fees. The duration of the transfer depends on various factors. 

If your new location already has an NBN connection, the downtime is likely to be minimal as technicians can quickly connect your modem to the NBN box. However, if NBN is not yet available at your new address, the process could take days or even weeks.


Moving your Telstra Internet connection to a new home is possible, but it's not free. The cost ranges from $89 to $399, depending on your current services and any additional fees. You won't need to sign a new contract, but if you're still paying for the modem, those payments will continue. 

The transfer time depends on whether your new home already has an NBN connection. If it does, there will be no downtime; if not, it may take longer. Consider using mobile broadband temporarily to minimise downtime.


Unlike some other ISPs, transferring your TPG connection cannot be done quickly; it's a process that can take some time. The duration of the transfer process depends on various factors, including the type of broadband connection you're switching to and whether you're currently under contract with TPG.

Transferring other ISP connections

If you're switching your Internet plan from Aussie Broadband or another ISP, the process is fairly similar. You'll need to inform your ISP about the transfer and pay any applicable fees.

The duration of the transfer process depends on various factors. If your new location already has an NBN connection, you're less likely to experience a long downtime. However, if your new location is not yet connected, you should expect a longer downtime.

To minimise or temporarily resolve downtime issues during the transfer process, consider getting a mobile broadband plan. There are numerous reliable options available, so you can choose one that fits your budget and situation.

The takeaway

Moving your NBN to a new home can vary depending on factors like NBN availability and necessary installations. Regardless of your current NBN provider, the process is generally similar and requires some time.

To speed up the process, contact Compare Broadband. We can assist in quickly transferring your NBN connection to your new home and recommend the best options to suit your needs. We'll help you determine if transferring your existing plan is more practical than switching to a better NBN plan, which might offer a simpler installation process.