You can get a TPG bundle whether you currently have an active phone number or not. If you don’t have a phone number we can check your address to see if the service is available in your area. Give us a call on 1300 106 571 to find out.

New telephone exchanges are regularly being enabled for the TPG home phone bundle service. This means just because you couldn’t get the bundle a year ago, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it now.

You can keep your phone number when changing internet/phone providers at your present home (bar Optus and its resellers). You can also keep your phone number when moving from a broadband provider at your old house to the TPG bundle at a new residence, but in this case it’s only if you are connecting to the same local phone exchange.

If you are on Optus lines you may lose your current phone number. TPG works on the Telstra network (as do the majority of ADSL broadband resellers in Australia), so if you’re on Optus (or one of its resellers) you will lose your phone number unless you port it over to Telstra before moving to TPG.

Ask Telstra what this would cost, as it may prove to be costly. In this instance you might consider getting Telstra for your phone line rental and TPG on a stand-alone ADSL2+ broadband plan.

When setting up from an inactive phone line Telstra will need to visit your property. As TPG runs its services on the Telstra network, a Telstra worker will need to come to your home to ensure the phone is working after it’s connected. You will be informed by email as to when they are to come.

If the date or time is unsuitable and no one can be at your home, at least three days before they intend to come you will need to contact Telstra/TPG on the number provided to change the date. If you fail to do so you will receive a fine. However, if Telstra do not come when they say they will, you won’t be compensated; they will just tell you a new time that they will come.

You can add a TPG mobile phone to your ADSL2+ home phone bundle: Three different types of mobile phone plans can be added to your TPG ADSL2+ home phone bundle. You can also check your phone call and internet usage online.

Call rates: Local calls are charged at 25 cents each; 1300 numbers cost 30 cents; calls to national numbers are 25 cents per minute capped at $2.00 up to 20 minutes, with a 39 cent call connection fee; calls to mobiles cost 39 cents per minute, capped at $2.48 up to 20 minutes, with the same 39 cent call connection fee.

National and mobile calls revert to their per/minute charge after the 20-minute cap has been reached. International rates are extremely cheap, with countries like the USA and United Kingdom costing as little as 1.99 cents per minute with a 39-cent call connection fee.

You can make VoIP calls while on a TPG home phone bundle. With a VoIP enabled telephone or ADSL2+ VoIP modem you will still be able to make VoIP calls out to other numbers. However, you’ll need to keep one handset plugged straight into the landline to receive phone calls.

VoIP calls cost 10 cents to any landline in Australia untimed, while calls to mobiles are 28 cents per minute with no call connection fee.

You have to use TPG as your complete telephone service provider: You are not allowed to use a different telephone company to override the TPG phone service. You must keep both the TPG phone and TPG internet to have a bundle service.

You will have to go without phone and internet for at least a couple of days. After the internet is connected it will take a further 3-4 working days to connect the TPG landline phone. During this period incoming calls will go to a TPG Message Bank where you can listen to them via email attachments, or after receiving a text message informing you of the call.

You may need to have your current telephone account number with you when you register: This is the account number, not just the telephone number.