You will need to have an ADSL2+ modem for the internet to work. Modems can be bought through TPG, or at an electronics store.

The advantage of buying it through the provider is the modem comes preconfigured with your user name and password, and TPG is obligated to offer you technical support if any problems arise.

There are three types of ADSL2+ modems you can buy with a TPG bundle. You can get a 1-port plug-in modem for $80 delivered, a 4-port for $110 delivered, or a 4-port with Wi-Fi for $160 delivered.

The ADSL2+ Wi-Fi modem will create a wireless network in your home. The entire set-up process takes 10-20 working days to complete.

You can make VoIP calls while on a TPG home phone bundle. With a VoIP enabled telephone or ADSL2+ VoIP modem you will still be able to make VoIP calls out to other numbers.

However, you’ll need to keep one handset plugged straight into the landline to receive phone calls. VoIP calls cost 10 cents to any landline in Australia untimed, while calls to mobiles are 28 cents per minute with no call connection fee.

TPG also offers free IPTV channels online, which you can access provided your exchange has been enabled for IPTV and your modem is IPTV compatible.

If you are intending to take advantage of TPG's IPTV channels, such as Aljazeera, Greek TV and Mandarin-language broadcaster Phoenix Infonews, ask TPG for help with configuring your modem. Alternatively, TPG's ADSL2+ modems are all pre-configure for IPTV.

While TPG offer modems, customers have to provide their own telephone handsets.