ADSL2+ 150GB TPG broadband plan Broadband only - Active landline required

ADSL2+ / 150 GB

75 GB On-Peak / 75 GB Off-Peak

12 months / $39.99 Per Month

Broadband type ADSL2+
Data amount per month 150 GB then speed limited to 256kbps
Total monthly cost $39.99
* WiFi Modem: $99.95
* Modem Delivery Fee: $10.00
Contract length 12 Months
Set Up Fee $59.95
Peak GB 75 GB
Off Peak GB 75 GB
On Peak Times 8.30am - 2.30am
Off Peak Times 2.30am - 8.30am
Cost per 1MB of included data $0.0003
Costs First Year $649.78
Minimum total cost

The ADSL2+ 150GB TPG broadband plan is a super-fast connection for average internet users. A fast ADSL2+ connection allows quick internet browsing, video streaming and file downloads. A 150GB download limit is split between 75GB during on peak hours (8:30am – 2:30am) and 75GB in off-peak hours (2:30am – 8:30am). A large download limit in off-peak hours is designed to discourage large downloads during peak times. This is an ideal plan for families and users with occasional downloads.