ADSL2+ Off-Net 500GB TPG broadband plan

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Broadband Only - Active Landline Required
500 GB
Up to  20 Mbps
6 Months
Min total cost $659.89
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Broadband type ADSL2+
Data amount per month 500 GB Slowed to 256kbps after data limit
Total monthly cost $99.99
* Modem: $99.95
* Modem Delivery Fee: $10.00
Contract length 6 Months
Set Up Fee $59.95
On Peak Times 8am - 2am
Off Peak Times 2am - 8am
Cost per 1MB of included data $0.0002
Costs First Year $1369.78
Minimum total cost

The ADSL2+ Off-Net 500GB TPG broadband plan is a super-fast connection for very heavy internet users. Speeds of up to 20,000kbps allows quick internet browsing, video streaming and file downloads. The 500GB download limit is not split between on peak hours or off-peak hours. This is an ideal plan for families and users with very large downloads.