• Telstra is Australia's largest telco
  • No peak or off-peak restrictions
  • Available almost everywhere

Telstra Bigpond is Australia’s largest provider of ADSL, Cable and Wireless broadband services. Bigpond claim they will ‘get you online no matter where you live in Australia’ and can offer an ADSL broadband service to 92% of Australian homes. Bigpond can provide both ADSL and cable technology at various speeds up to to 30,000Kbps. Speeds will heavily depend on price and availability.

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Installation savings are possible with DIY installation kits. Bigpond offers savings on monthly broadband costs when bundled with a Telstra home phone line.

Security features that help limit viruses, scams and spam are an added bonus on all broadband plans. There are no peak or off peak time restrictions with Bigpond plans. Customers will have access to a free back-up dial-up account

On Peak times:
There are no peak or off peak time restictions.

Time to activate:
3-7 working days (can take up to 2 weeks.) Upgrading from Telstra ADSL1 to ADSL2+ takes 1-8 days.

Cost of Initial Setup:
1-port modem self installed: $129 (24-month contract) $189 (12-month contract)
4-port wireless modem (Home Network Gateway) self installed: $228 (24-month contract) $309 (12-month contract)
BYO modem 12-month contract: $99
BYO modem 24-month contract: $0

Contract Lengths: 
12 or 24 months.

Hardware Offered: 
Can BYO Modem but Telstra won’t offer technical support. All Telstra Modems are ADSL2+ compatible.They offer either a 1-port or 4-port Home Network Gateway modem.

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Services Offered:
Bundled home phone and ADSL
Tech Support: 24/7

No. of Emails/ webspace: every Bigpond customer receives 10MB of blog space and up to 15 email addresses.

Cancellation Cost: Pay out the months left on the contract up to $360
Relocation: $55

Frequently asked questions about Bigpond broadband services:

What services does Bigpond offer?
Telstra Bigpond offers a range of broadband services, including ADSL1, ADSL2+, mobile wireless, satellite and cable broadband. Telstra does not offer Naked DSL, and you will needan active home phone line on Telstra infrastructure for an ADSL connection.

How long will it take to connect a broadband service with Bigpond?
It will take between 3 – 7 working days to establish a Telstra ADSL1 or ADSL2+ connection or to upgrade from ADSL1 to ADSL2+.

Cable broadband also takes up to 7 working days to activate.

For Wireless broadband connections there is no wait time. Once you have purchased a compatible modem and completed the sign-up process you have internet access right away.

Does Bigpond offer home phone services?
Yes. Telstra is a major supplier of home phone services in Australia. Bigpond offers a discount on broadband costs when bundled with a Telstra home phone line.
Telstra home phone plans range from $20.95 to $89.90 with varying call rates and added extras.

What are the on-peak and off-peak times with Bigpond broadband plans?
Telstra Bigpond plans have no on or off peak times and monthly download quotas can be used at any time.

How many email addresses can I have with Bigpond?
Telstra offer up to 15 email addresses. The first email address is free and additional email addresses are charged at $1 each a month.

Does Bigpond offer web –space with its broadband internet plans?
Yes. Bigpond offers 20MB of web space for broadband subscribers on Bigpond Photos and BigBlog.

What will it cost if I cancel my Bigpond broadband while still in contract?
If you cancel a Bigpond ADSL1, ADSL2+ or Mobile Wireless broadband service during the contract period you will be charged the remaining monthly cost until the end of the contract, up to $360.

On a cable broadband plan you will need to pay $15 for every remaining month in the contract period.

Am I free to upgrade or downgrade my Bigpond broadband plan?
Telstra Bigpond allows customer to move up and down Bigpond plans for free within contract.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my Bigpond contract period?
Yes, the relocation cost is $55 and will depend on the availability of the ADSL or cable service at the new address.

Does Bigpond offer VoIP?
Bigpond does not offer a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

What are the contract lengths of Bigpond ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband plans?
Bigpond offer a 12 or 24-month contract on all broadband services.

What modem will I need on a Bigpond broadband connection?
Cable broadband subscribers must use a cable modem supplied by Telstra and cannot bring their own modem to a Bigpond cable plan.

Wireless Mobile subscribers will need either a Wireless Mobile Card or USB Stick. These are available form Telstra and cost $299.99.

You can bring your own modem to Telstra ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband but Telstra offers only limited technical support on BYO modems.

The following modems are compatible to Telstra Bigpond ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband:

Askey/Dynalink - ALH 110
Askey - RTA100 ADSL Modem
Billion Electric - BIPAC-711 CE ADSL Modem
Billion/PC Range - BIPAC-5100 Router 4-port
Billion/PC Range - BIPAC-7402 Router/Firewall 4-port
Billion/PC Range - BIPAC 5100W Wireless router
Cisco WAG54G, Wireless Router ADSL Modem, 4 port
Cisco 827
Cisco 827H
Cisco 827-4V
Cisco 837
Cisco Linksys AG041 - modem/router, 4-port Switch
Cisco Linksys AG241, ADSL Gateway, 4 port
Cisco Linksys WAG54G V2, Wireless Gateway, 4 port
Cisco SOHO77
Cisco SOHO77H
Cisco SOHO97
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 100D
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 302G
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 500
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 502T USB/Ethernet
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 504
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 504T Router 4 Port
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 200 USB
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 300g Ethernet
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL 504g Router
D-Link ADSL Modem - DSL G604T, Wireless Router
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 3060
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 4060
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 5260
Efficient Networks (Siemens) - Speedstream 5400
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 5660
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 5667
Efficient Networks (C10 Communications) - Speedstream 5861
Efficient Networks (Siemens) - Speedstream 6300 Wireless/Gateway
Juni NetAce - ADSL USB Modem
Juni NetElite 2000ES - ADSL 4 port Modem
Juni/Samsung SAM-215 USB Modem
Juni/Samsung SAM-335A Ethernet Modem
NetComm ADSL Modem - BusinessSmart
Netcomm ADSL Modem, Firewall - NB5580
Netcomm ADSL Modem, Firewall/Wireless - NB5580W
Netcomm ADSL Modem, NB3 Ethernet/USB
NetComm ADSL Modem - USB (NB1200)
NetComm ADSL USB/Ethernet Router Modem - NB5
NetComm ADSL Modem - NB2, USB
NetComm ADSL Router Modem - NB1300
NetComm ADSL Router/Modem - NB1300+4
Netgear ADSL Router/Modem - DG632
Netgear ADSL Router/Modem - DG834v1
Netgear ADSL Wireless Router/Modem - DG834Gv1
Netgear ADSL Router/Modem - DG834v2
Netgear ADSL Router/Modem - DG834Gv2
Open 501r ADSL Router Modem
Open 562R ADSL Router Modem
Open iConnectAccess 624 ADSL Router Modem, 4 port
Siemens - Speedstream 4200, ADSL USB/Ethernet Router Modem
Siemens - Speedstream 6520, ADSL Wireless Gateway Modem
SMC/Barricade - SMC 7804WBRA, wireless/Router 4-port
Thomson SpeedTouch - 510 ADSL Modem
Thomson SpeedTouch - 530 ADSL Modem
Thomson SpeedTouch - 570 Wireless ADSL Modem
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch Home
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro (4 port)
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro (Firewall)
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch PCNIC
Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch USB
UHS - Ultralink Business Gateway 203021 ADSL Modem