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Broadband Only
25 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
Min total cost $85
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Broadband type NBN
Data amount per month Unlimited
Total monthly cost $85.00
* Modem Cost: $0.00
* Modem Delivery Cost: $0.00
Contract length Month to month
Costs First Year $1020.00
Minimum total cost

The Telstra Basic NBN Broadband plan is good for browsing, social media, emails and SD video streaming.

Data: Unlimited
Speed Tier: 25/4
Typical Evening Speed: 25 Mbps
Contract: Month to Month
Modem: Included for new Telstra Customers who stay connected for 24 months. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your smart modem or pay a $200 non return fee.
Home phone service + unlimited standard Australian mobile calls

Other Plan Inclusions:

- Advanced Cyber Security
- Internet Optimizer (Prioritise your internet services for a more reliable connection)
- Telstra rewards (Get discounted movie, sports and concert tix plus other exclusive benefits)
- MyTelstra (Self service - Check your usage, pay a bill, redeem an offer, add entertainment)
- Be Happy - or be refunded (If you're not happy, Telstra will refund your first monthly plan fee and any hardware repayment costs)

Last updated 15/03/2024