The Australian iPrimus business is part of the global Primus Telecommunications Group and was the first carrier to be granted a license to compete against Telstra’s home phone services when full competition was introduced in 1997. 

iPrimus entered the Australian broadband market in 1997 and provides ADSL1 and ADSL2+ connections with speeds ranging from 1500Kbps to 8000Kbps for ADSL1 services. ADSL2+ speeds vary depending on where you live and can reach up to 20,000Kbps. There are no extra charges for excess downloads - speeds are reduced after the monthly download quota is reached.

iPrimus offers home phone services bundled with broadband to save you money. Monthly download limits also include uploads, and need to be considered when choosing a suitable plan. iPrimus offers a range of products to provide internet security, including anti-virus software and spam filters.

iPrmius provide unmetered access to ABC iView, Tivo content and the Lingo VoIP service.

Time to activate:
15 – 20 days

On Peak:
10am-2am or noon-midnight, depending on the plan

Cost of Initial Setup:
$59-$118 for broadband only or with a home phone
$99-$149 for Naked DSL

Contract Lengths: 
12 or 24 months for broadband only or with a home phone
0, 12 or 24 months for Naked DSL

Hardware Offered:
Can BYO Modem
Wireless modem + 4-port router: $159 outright (subsidised on 12 and 24-month contracts)
Wireless modem + 4-port router + VoIP ATA: $218 outright (subsidised on 12 and 24-month contracts)

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Services Offered:
Bundled home phone and broadband
Mobile wireless broadband
Naked DSL
Mobile plans

No. Of Emails/Webspaces:
  Up to five email services, 10MB webspace
Cancellation Cost: Remaining monthly charge to the end of the contract
Relocation Cost: $90 for broadband only, $149 for broadband and home phone (when existing line is present at new property).

Frequently asked questions about iPrimus broadband services:

How long will it take to connect a broadband service with iPrimus?
ADSL1 and ADSL2+ connections generally take 15-20 days to connect. iPrimus also offers a fast transfer service from existing connections with other providers. Wireless services are ready to connect once the wireless hardware is installed.

Does iPrimus offer home phone services?
Yes. iPrimus home phone line plans offer broadband customers a $10 monthly discount on broadband plan costs, or they have a range of bundles which include unlimited local and national calls.

What will it cost if I cancel my iPrimus broadband while still in contract?
If you cancel an iPrimus service while still in contract you are required to pay any money saved by signing up on the contract term as well as the remaining monthly cost for the contract period.

Am I free to upgrade or downgrade my iPrimus broadband plan?
iPrimus offers a range of flexible broadband plans that allow you to move between plans to without any additional costs.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my iPrimus contract period?
Yes. iPrimus charge a $90 relocation fee if you need to relocate a broadband only service.

Does iPrimus offer VoIP?
Yes, iPrimus offers the Lingo VoIP service.

What modem will I need on an iPrimus broadband connection?
iPrimus offers three modems on their ADSL1 and ADLS2+ services. You can also bring your own modem as long as it is compatible.

Customers have a choice between a 1-port basic modem/router (ideal for one desktop/gaming console and multiple portable devices), and a 4-port modem router (ideal for up to four desktops/gaming consoles and multiple portable devices). There is also a VoIP-compatible modem/router available.