• Why Are Dodo Cheaper Than Other Providers?
  • What Are The Perks of Going With Dodo?
  • Are Dodo Slower Than Other Providers?

Getting NBN plans from smaller telcos sometimes proves to be a better option than subscribing to the plans offered by the bigger companies. One reason is that their rates are usually more affordable for the same type of service, data allowance, and speed tier. This is great if you reside in an area where services of smaller telcos like Dodo are available.

Dodo has only been around for two decades but it has already established itself as a reliable brand for customers. The broadband plans that it offers fall within the cheap price point and includes unlimited data.

Even the entry-level plans that come with a maximum 101GB data allowance per month is more than enough for light browsing on various social media apps or checking and sending emails. More importantly, it’s a steal for $60 a month.

If there’s one thing that could turn away potential customers, however, it’s probably the setup fee that costs around $125 and the separate $100 modem fee. Although if you think about it, other service providers also charge fees for the setup and the modem, so it’s not as bad as you think.

What makes Dodo NBN plans unique?

Dodo does not try to confuse its customers by offering plans with complicated terms and a ton of features that you won’t really be able to utilise. Their approach is simple: internet connection that can be bundled with a home phone line, plus the option to add call packs and a Fetch TV.

Customers also have the choice to subscribe to a monthly plan or commit to a 12-month contract. Some might think the lock-in terms can be a turnoff but you can also look at it as a stable internet connection for the next year with rates that are truly affordable.

It gives you peace of mind, too, knowing that you won’t have problems getting a connection anytime you need it.

Dodo NBN Plans

Dodo makes it simple for customers by simplifying its NBN plans and offering two basic categories: the 101GB Plan (NBN 25) and the Unlimited Plan (NBN 50). But if you want a faster connection, Dodo also offers a Standard Plus Plan (NBN 100) at a higher monthly rate.

101GB Plan (NBN 25)

  • 101GB data
  • 19.7Mbps typical evening speed
  • $60/month
  • $125 setup fee for month-to-month contracts

Unlimited Plan (NBN 50)

  • Unlimited data
  • 39.4Mbps typical evening speed
  • $70/month
  • $125 setup fee for month-to-month contracts

Standard Plus (NBN 100)

  • Unlimited data
  • 76.4Mbps typical evening speed
  • Bundled with home phone line rental
  • $95/month
  • $99 setup fee + $109 modem fee + $24.90 modem delivery fee for month-to-month contracts

For a complete list of Dodo’s broadband plans, you can read our separate article. But if you want a more detailed comparison of NBN plans from other service providers, you can visit this link.

Dodo NBN Speed Tiers

Dodo has three different speed tiers available to customers — the Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25) with typical evening speeds of 19.7Mbps, the Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) with typical evening speeds of 39.4Mbps, and the Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100) with typical evening speed of 76.4Mbps.

Dodo NBN Plan Inclusions

Although Dodo only offers three types of NBN plans, customers can still enjoy a number of additional features from the brand. These inclusions help users maximise the value of their plans and make the most of what they pay for.

Unlimited Data

Entry-level Dodo NBN Plans have a maximum 101GB data limit per month but customers are free to upgrade their plans to include unlimited data. This is great for bigger households with several users or customers that consume heavy bandwidth on a monthly basis.

Technology Types

Dodo offers a wide range of NBN connection, which includes FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, HFC, and fixed wireless connection.


Dodo subscribers get a Wi-Fi modem for free when they sign on for a 12-month contract. For month-to-month contracts, the modem costs $120.

Call Packs

Dodo offers an optional home phone line to customers in all of its NBN plans, which include pay-as-you-go call features. For unlimited standard, local, and national calls, subscribers can add $10 to their monthly bill or an extra $15 per month for international calls.

Other Dodo products

Fetch TV

On top of its NBN plans with basic inclusions such as modems, data, and call packs, Dodo also offers the Fetch TV as an optional add-on to its customers. Those who avail of the NBN 50 or NBN 100 plans can get a Fetch TV added to their plan for only $25 per month for a 12-month period. The Fetch Mighty box is also available for an additional $35 per month for 12 months.

Should you switch to Dodo’s NBN plans?

Frankly, Dodo’s NBN speeds are not the fastest on the market. There are also more affordable plans with better deals and inclusions compared to what it offers. But if there are not a lot of internet service providers in your area, Dodo NBN plans are not entirely bad. You just have to find a deal that suits your needs well.

If you are really inclined to sign on with Dodo, however, keep in mind that you have to pay an upfront fee, especially if you are getting a month-to-month contract. The company charges more than $100 for the setup fee and the modem, which can be pretty hefty considering that it’s not a huge telco like Telstra, Optus, TPG, or iiNet.

The setup fee can be waived if you avail of the Dodo’s 12-month contract. But these days when most internet service providers try to attract customers by offering no-contract terms, this arrangement can be a dealbreaker.

Then again, it still depends on your location and what’s readily accessible in your area. Dodo’s NBN plans can still be on par with other telcos’ services and it’s more than enough if you are only looking at light to average internet use on the daily.