• Do You Need a Phone Line for NBN?
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • How to Choose the Right NBN Plan

With our increasing reliance on mobile phones and generous data allowances on mobile plans, a landline is becoming less and less essential for many Australians. 

If you’re looking to switch to the nbn™, you’re probably wondering whether you need a phone line. The good news is that, unlike in an ADSL connection, the nbn™ doesn’t require a phone line to access the Internet. 

To help you with your transition, we’ll discuss further the things you need to know about nbn™.

Do You Need a Phone Line for NBN? 

An ADSL connection uses a copper phone line, an infrastructure in which both a home phone and internet service is delivered. On the other hand, the nbn™ uses mainly a different cable network that is separate from what a landline uses. In short, the nbn™ doesn’t need an active phone line to work. 

In the future, the majority of existing landline and internet services will be disconnected, including the services supplied over copper networks. But, should you wish to access a home phone service with your internet connection, don’t worry. 

VoIP: The Landline Alternative 

The nbn™ is replacing your home phone line with digital phone service. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an nbn™ service that converts your landline into using your internet connection, instead of the phone line. This not only saves you the cost of local and national costs but also allows you to hold onto your existing phone number if you wish to retain it. If you already have an internet phone, you can also connect it to your nbn™ by plugging it into one of the data ports. 

As the copper lines are being phased out, many nbn™ plans today come with VoIP bundled in, or as an optional monthly add-on. But, you should know that unlike landlines, the VoIP will not be accessible during a power outage. Nevertheless, nbn™ provides an optional back-up battery for free that will let you make calls during such cases. 

Choosing the Right NBN Plan For You 

While becoming less and less relevant, homes and businesses consider phone and internet services as essential as water and electricity. However, before moving to the nbn™, you will have to determine the right nbn™ provider and plan for you. 

Compare Broadband is an internet comparison service that lets you find plans, deals, and providers that match your needs. Make sure to consider factors such as the speed of service, cost, and data allowance in your search. With that said, we conclude with some tips on how to choose an nbn™ plan. 

Research - Read information about the availability of nbn™ in your area. The nbn™ updates their website about their rollout schedule. 

Compare - Inquire about plans from different providers and see the best option to suit your needs in terms of budget, data allowance, and internet speed. You can also use the free comparison tool on Compare Broadband to quickly check and compare the available NBN plans in your area.

Ask - In addition to that, you should also ask about other fees like early termination and connection fees or whether they provide back-up batteries among other specialised services. 

Prepare - Once you have found the right provider for you, check with them whether you need to move your landline and internet services to the new network and when your disconnection date will be. 

The idea of a landline is already kind of dated, as smartphones are now accessible, portable, and fairly commonplace. But, if you rely on medical or emergency devices connected to your landline, VoIP is a viable option. 

Just make sure to confirm whether your devices are compatible with the nbn™ technology. 

Do you have more questions? Call our friendly team at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571. We will be more than happy to help you out!