• Why Choose iiNet
  • Can I Use My Existing Modem With iiNet?
  • Can I Keep The FetchTV Box When Switching To Another Provider?

iiNet has made a name for itself as one of Australia’s favourite internet service providers and it’s not difficult to see why. The brand offers some of the most affordable fixed-line plans with most of them including unlimited data.

Their month-to-month contracts give you the leeway to upgrade your plans or transfer to another telco without a hitch. But customers availing of iiNet’s 6-month contracts are eligible for a Fetch TV Mini set-top box for no extra costs. The device gives you access to 30 movies a month for free.

If you are considering switching to iiNet’s NBN plans from your current service provider, you might want to check our NBN rollout map to see if the service is available in your area.

iiNet NBN Plans

iiNet offers four different speed tiers to customers — Basic, Standard, Standard Plus. and Premium. These are recommended to average users or households with few members who need the connection. For heavy users or multiple-member households, a better option would be iiNet’s Turbo speeds.

The company also has fixed-line NBN plans ranging for as low as $59.99 for basic speeds up to $99.99 for unlimited data at premium speeds. If you are planning to get a fixed-line connection, iiNet offers unlimited data in most of its plans plus a few other features included in the bundle.

Here are iiNet’s most popular NBN plans:

NBN Satellite 150

  • 150GB data
  • NBN Satellite
  • No contract term
  • $39.99/month for Basic speed
  • $44.99/month for Standard speed

NBN Satellite 200

  • 200GB data
  • NBN Satellite
  • No contract term
  • $49.99/month for Basic speed
  • $54.99/month for Standard speed

The satellite plans are ideal for rural areas where fixed-line connections or wireless broadband may not be readily accessible. Boost speeds of up to 25 Mbps during peak times cost $64.99 per month with a data cap of 250GB.

NBN 12 500

  • 500GB data
  • NBN Wireless
  • $59.99/month

NBN 12 Limitless

  • Unlimited data
  • NBN Wireless
  • $69.99/month

For unlimited data with boosted speeds, iiNet’s plans can be upgraded for $89.99 per month.

Read this article if you need a full list of all iiNet Broadband Plans or this article if you would like a comparison of NBN plans from other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the data options offered by iiNet’s NBN plans?

iiNet’s fixed-line and wireless NBN plans are mostly offered with unlimited data but you are also free to choose plans with a 500GB data cap. Satellite NBN plans, meanwhile, include a maximum of 250 data allowance per month.

I already have a modem. Can I use it with iiNet?

If you are coming from a broadband plan that has an NBN-ready router, the device may be compatible with iiNet’s plans. But this depends on the type you are getting as some iiNet plans may require a new modem.

iiNet offers a ready-to-go modem for contract customers while month-to-month subscribers will have to pay an $89 fee upfront.

Can I keep the Fetch TV set-top box even if I switch to another telco?

Customers who want to add a Fetch TV to their iiNet NBN plans need to pay a setup fee worth $69.99. The fee includes the cost of the set-top box which means you get to keep the device even if you decide to switch to another telco.

What if I want to cancel my iiNet NBN plan?

Requesting your current iiNet NBN plan won’t be a problem if you are on a no-contract plan. You wouldn’t have to pay a penalty of any kind should you decide to switch to another plan or provider. But if you are on a 6-month contract plan with iiNet and you wish to cancel the plan before the end of the contract, prepare to pay a $40 break fee.

Can I make phone calls with my iiNet NBN plan?

When you sign up for an iiNet NBN plan, you also get a phone line for no additional charge. You can make calls through it but the allowable number depends on your tier. Basic plans typically come with pay-as-you-go calls for local and standard national landline calls.

Customers who wish to make overseas calls can pay an extra $10 per month to avail of the International Call Pack. This includes unlimited calls to landlines in up to 20 countries such as the UK, the US, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

iiNet is a pretty competitive service provider, especially if you are not looking to get ultra-high speeds for your plan. The company also oversees TPG’s operations, which may be another reason for you to consider signing on with them.