Broadband type Naked DSL
Data amount per month Unlimited
Total monthly cost $69.95
Contract length 24 Months
Set Up Fee $0.00
All-in-One Wi-Fi Modem $0.00
Delivery Fee $16.95
Costs First Year $856.35
Minimum total cost

MyNetFone delivers fast internet service, great-value plans with generous quotas!

MyNetFone’s Unlimited Deluxe broadband plan offers fast ADSL2+ broadband speeds and anytime data usage (no peak or off peak times). You can choose to you keep your phone line with your current provider or, ditch them and the line rental altogether with MyNetFone Naked ADSL2+ service. You have the choice, as MyNetFone offers both ADSL2+ and Naked ADSL2+ connection types.

This is an ideal plan for very heavy internet users who are use data intensive applications, and download movies and music frequently.

This MyNetFone broadband plan includes:

  • FREE All-in-One Wi-Fi Modem*
  • FREE Setup
  • Plug in and play- MyNetFone offers easy setup as all our equipment is pre-configured
  • Free optional Voice plan included on all internet plans with the MyNetFone provided modem
  • Low Contention for better internet connection quality

* $16.95 shipping fee applies.

Service information:

  • Unlimited uploads – uploads are not counted towards your quota allowance
  • Free Unlimited Technical Support