TPG Broadband Plans

TPG is one of the largest internet service providers in Australia, with a history stretching back to 1986. Besides ADSL2+, they offer Standard, Fast and Superfast NBN plans, and in 2019 the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission announced that TPG had the fastest download speeds of all NBN providers!

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Humble Beginnings To Vast Escalation

TPG has been kicking around since as early as 1986. Back then, they were known as Total Peripherals Group, a company that sold computers; but after the advent of home broadband, it wasn't long before TPG expanded out and began providing internet and mobile services. Since those early days, they have gone on to acquire internet providers such as AAPT (in 2013) and iiNet (in 2015). TPG have also announced their intentions to merge with Vodaphone Hutchison Australia, though at the time of writing, these negotiations have not been finalised.

TPG Benefits

TPG always have an eye on keeping their punters happy. Besides their award winning customer service, TPG also offer a great deal of flexibility in their plans. For instance, if you're on a TPG NBN plan and the speed isn't suiting your specific needs, you can change to a higher or lower speed NBN plan without any change fee. In addition to this, TPG's NBN bundles include a dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi modem which provides amazing Wi-Fi speed and coverage.

TPG Broadband Plans

TPG host an array of choices for broadband plans. They have ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+, and NBN broadband. If you're interested in the NBN, TPG offer the Standard (NBN12), the Fast (NBN50), and the Superfast (NBN100) tiers, mostly with unlimited data. You can choose any one of these with no lock-ins, or alternatively, opt for the 18 month contract which means you won't be charged a set up fee. On top of that, you can get these NBN plans also come bundled with a phone line, which means you still have the option of using a home phone if prefer to keep your phone calls traditional. You can also get TPG bundle plans for ADSL2+, and you can get a Pay as You Go plan, or choose from national and international call options.

TPG Announced As The Fastest NBN Speed

As mentioned above, the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) has recently announced TPG as having the fastest NBN speed in Australia. After the ACCC commissioned Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) to conduct extensive tests to determine performance quality of Australian broadband speeds, it was determined that TPG was the fastest (at the time of writing). In May of 2019, the performance speeds of Australia's major internet service providers were analysed using data compiled from over a thousand Australian volunteers who were using a wide variety of technologies and RSPs (retail service providers). The results showed that on average, TPG consistently delivered the most reliable NBN speeds.

TPG Broadband Plans

TPG offers ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+, and NBN broadband. In terms of NBN speeds, they offer the Standard (NBN12), Fast (NBN50) and Superfast (NBN100) tiers, mainly with unlimited data. All are available on either an 18-month contract or with no lock-in; the 18-month contract means no set up fee and comes with 3 months’ free TPG Mobile. The NBN plans also come bundled with a phone line, which means you have the option of using a home phone if you like. When it comes to ADSL2+, you can choose whether or not to bundle in the phone line, as well as which data cap you’d like.


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