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MATE is a proudly Australian provider, fully owned and operated within the country. Committed to exceptional customer service, its support team is locally based and accessible through various channels. Notably, all its plans come with no lock-in contracts or setup fees.

For enquiries about MATE plans call 1300 763 813

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MATE's range of plans cover almost every NBN speed tier, excluding the slowest (NBN 12) and the fastest NBN 1000 speed, which may be excessive for typical home use.

However, it's essential to note that MATE's plans tend to be relatively expensive for the speeds promised during peak hours (7–11 pm). There are alternative providers offering better speeds at more budget-friendly prices.

Nevertheless, MATE NBN might be a suitable choice if:

  • You wish to benefit from MATE's 1-month risk-free guarantee, providing the option of a full refund if the service doesn't meet your satisfaction.
  • You are interested in bundling your mobile and Internet plans for a discounted rate.

MATE broadband plans

MATE keeps it simple – no contracts and no setup fees. Ideal for renters or those not ready for commitment, it's a chance to test a broadband plan hassle-free. 

MATE covers four NBN speed tiers with unlimited data and the flexibility to add a phone service. Note that modems aren't included, a plus if you have one, but something to think about if you don't.

To find out more about how we recommend plans, take a look at how we work.

MATE speeds

MATE doesn't feature in the ACCC Broadband Performance report, making it challenging to officially validate the reliability of its speeds.

Yet, considering the advertised typical evening speeds (averaged for busy hours, 7–11 pm), it's important not to anticipate the swiftest performance across all NBN speed tiers.

Top tip: The maximum or fastest speed signifies the highest achievable Mbps on a specific NBN speed tier. For instance, NBN 50 offers a maximum speed of 50Mbps.

MATE perks and extras

MATE stands out by focusing on straightforward, value-packed unlimited broadband without unnecessary extras.

  • 1-Month satisfaction guarantee: If MATE doesn't meet your expectations in the first month, you're eligible for a full refund.
  • $10-off bundle: Save $10 on your MATE NBN plan when bundling it with any of its mobile plans.
  • Call packs: For an extra fee, MATE includes unlimited calls to Australian lines on top of your monthly rate.
  • Modems: While not included, customers can choose to add a modem during checkout.
  • No contracts: All plans operate on a month-to-month basis with no exit fees. However, cancelling during a billing cycle requires payment for the full month.
  • Bundle discount: Combine NBN with a MATE mobile plan and receive a monthly broadband discount.
  • Risk-free satisfaction: Contact MATE within one month of activation for a full plan fee refund if you're unsatisfied. Terms apply.
  • No setup fees: MATE plans don't entail setup or activation fees, except for optional modem additions.

How does MATE compare to other Internet providers?

MATE offers a range of highly competitive plans. It consistently ranks among the most affordable NBN plans within its respective categories in our database. With the absence of setup fees, no contractual obligations, and economical rates for home phone calls, the overall value proposition is high.

While it may not offer all the bells and whistles, it provides a straightforward approach to broadband.

Is MATE a good Internet provider?

MATE is known for excellent customer service and offers great value NBN packages, making it a competitive choice against major providers like Telstra and Optus

With no contracts, no setup fees, and ample monthly data, MATE provides a straightforward and cost-effective option for Internet connectivity. You can easily bundle home phone or mobile plans with your Internet, and even rural customers are accommodated. 

While MATE may not have the most extensive features, it can be a more economical long-term choice compared to providers with setup fees and lengthy contracts with expensive exit costs.

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