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MyRepublic internet plans are all about speed. They only offer the top four speed tiers of the NBN™ (Standard Plus Evening Speed, Premium Evening Speed, Superfast Speed and Ultrafast Speed) with unlimited data. They're also optimised for gaming with their esteemed "Gamer Pro Plan", the first NBN™ powered plan for gamers.

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MyRepublic Internet Plans

MyRepublic is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications providers in Asia-Pacific with operations across Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. As of this writing, they are serving over 70,000 customers in Australia.

MyRepublic’s goal is simple: they want you to experience the NBN™ the way it’s meant to be experienced. That means they only offer the top two NBN™ speed tiers, and all their plans come with unlimited data.

MyRepublic was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Malcolm Rodrigues and KC Lai. The company began offering wireless broadband services to the Singapore market before expanding its operations to Australia in 2016. Back then, MyRepublic offered NBN™ plans that were resold by other ISPs, including Optus and iiNet.

MyRepublic launched its first own-brand customer-focussed NBN™ plans in 2017. In July, MyRepublic officially connected the first town in Australian (Wollongong, NSW) to consumer grade NBN™ 1GBPS connections.

MyRepublic has it all covered when it comes to simple internet plans with some perks for those in the know. 

Features and bonuses include:

  • Gamer Pro Plans: MyRepublic connection has static IPs and traffic optimisation included on their gamer plans.
  • Call Packs: NBN™ plans with VoIP are included at a PAYG rate. An additional fee is required for call packs starting at $10/mth for Australia-wide calls, $20/mth for international calls to 40 landline and 30 mobile destinations.
  • Modems: You can choose to purchase a modem from MyRepublic or you can BYO. 


MyRepublic NBN™ Plans

If you’re after an NBN™ plan, it’s easy to choose: all you need to do is decide if you want Standard Plus Evening Speed, Premium Evening Speed, Superfast Speed and Ultrafast Speed. From there, you can add on a home phone if you like, and decide if you want a month-to-month contract or a fixed-term one. 

If you’re a big gamer, they’ve also got a Gamer Pro plan, which comes with superfast NBN™, a static IP address, and a discount on a new Playstation Pro or Playstation VR.  

With their Gamer Pro plans, MyRepublic aims to give dedicated gamers an internet service that’s tuned especially for their needs. Gamer Pro Plans are available in speed tiers 50mbps, 100/20mbps, 100/40mbps, 250/25mbps, and 1000/50mbps under the NBN™ network.

If you don’t have NBN™ access yet, you can connect via ADSL and then switch over when your property gets connected to the NBN™. MyRepublic NBN™ plans are available in most capital cities throughout Australia.

In terms of NBN™ Coverage, MyRepublic is largely contingent on that of the National Broadband Network (NBN™). As of writing, NBN™ fibre connections cover 93% of the population, with the remaining 7% able to sign up on fixed wireless or satellite services.

NBN™ covers Australia’s capital cities and major regional hubs. If you’re unsure if your area is connected to the NBN™, use our quick search tool above. Simply enter your postcode and our database will show you the MyRepublic NBN™ plans available in your area.


How does MyRepublic Compare to Other Internet Providers?

MyRepublic plans are competitively priced against most other major providers, especially when it comes to their Unlimited Data options.

No surprises. No excess baggage. Just fast internet. MyRepublic has a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee. All plans come with unlimited data, so there are no excess usage charges. Many other internet providers offer unlimited data but can impose excess usage fees if you go over your limit with them.


What are the Benefits of Switching to MyRepublic?

MyRepublic is known for its reliable and fast connectivity, with few interruptions. If you're currently subscribed to a different telco, you'll find MyRepublic's customer service easy to work with when it comes to transferring your NBN™ connection. Other benefits include:

Smooth Sailing

MyRepublic uses its own web traffic priority system to remain smooth when video streaming.

Network Optimisation

MyRepublic uses its own web traffic priority system to remain smooth when video streaming, while also remaining flexible for heavy downloading scenarios.


Compare MyRepublic Internet Plans

Like most internet providers, they offer services in response to demand. If you're not sure which one suits your needs the best, call us at Compare Broadband today. Our broadband experts can help you find the right MyRepublic plan for you.


Is MyRepublic good value?

A relative newcomer in Australia’s broadband market, MyRepublic has described their plans as both budget-conscious and data-generous - and it’s true. It’s one of the cheapest broadband providers in every country it provides service to, including Australia.

You can get unlimited data with a minimal upfront fee of $11 and no setup fee. Also, in 2018, MyRepublic was named “Best Premium NBN Provider”, so that’s saying something.

What Plans does MyRepublic NBN offer?

Before, MyRepublic offered plans across different speed tiers, but has since tightened its focus to just three, namely NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100. These plans are contract-free so you’re not locked-in for at least a year.

The Unlimited NBN 25 Essential is good for small households - up to three users - and costs $65 a month. You can opt to add a home phone bundle for $10 to $20; the price will depend on whether you include only local phone calls or international as well. If you have a gamer at home, you can also try the Gamer Pro add-on for an additional $10. This feature has special perks for gamers such as custom routing and access to an optimised network made specifically for online gaming.

The Unlimited NBN 50 Essential costs $69 a month, and if you don't want to be locked into a 12-month contract, you can always choose the contract-free option. This is the best plan for you if you and your family enjoy streaming videos. It also supports VoIP calls and other requirements for a home office. As with the prior plan, you can use your own modem, or get one with your plan.

If your household members have different internet habits, the Unlimited NBN 100/20 plan offers ideal support for simultaneous video streaming and online gaming, regardless of how many people are streaming and gaming at the same time. This means whatever anyone else is doing - whether it's holding a video conference or just browsing the web - they won't be lagging behind either. You can add a home phone bundle to this plan, too, as well as the aforementioned Gamer Pro add-on to really make the most of your plan.

For big households with more than five users, the Unlimited NBN 250/25 Superfast is the best possible plan you can get. At $99 a month, it's more expensive than most other internet plans, but considering what you can get out of it, it's worth the money. It's available only for those with FTTP connections, though; other connection types will just undermine its speed. As with the NBN 100/20 and Essential plans, you can opt for a home phone bundle and the Gamer Pro add-on.

All of MyRepublic's plans let you use your own modem - provided it's NBN-ready - or get a modem with your plan for $149, plus another $10 delivery fee.

How fast are MyRepublic NBN plans?

With the NBN 25 Essential plan, you'll typically see speeds of 15Mbps during 7pm to 11pm, while the NBN 50 Essential will usually get speeds of 43MBps during those same hours. The Unlimited NBN 100/20 has typical evening speeds of 83Mbps, and the Superfast plan is capable of evening speeds of 200Mbps.

What are my data options?

As mentioned earlier, all of MyRepublic’s NBN plans come with unlimited data, so you’re absolutely covered!

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