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Broadband Only
Up to  25 Mbps
Month to month
Min total cost $275
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Broadband type Home Wireless
Data amount per month Unlimited
Total monthly cost $59.00
Modem Cost: $216.00
Modem Delivery Fee: $0.00
Contract length Month to month
Cost per 1MB of included data $0.0001
Costs First Year $924.00
Minimum total cost

Special Offer: $0 start-up fee + 1 month free

Terms & Conditions

Fair Go Policy applies to all Optus internet, voice and add-on services. Offer available to credit approved customers. Available in selected areas.

These plans are subscription plans that do not include paper bills and require you to set up automatic payments (i.e. direct debit) via a credit, debit or charge card as the only payment method for these plans. Automatic payments from a bank account is not an option. See “Payment Information” below for more details.

COVERAGE AND SERVICEABILITY: The Optus 4G Home Internet service uses our 4G network and it is designed to be used in the home. The 4G Internet Service is only available in selected areas on the Optus 4G Plus network with the modem supplied by Optus. There may also be technical or commercial reasons that affect your ability to access the service at your address. The service cannot be used overseas.

Coverage availability will vary depending on your device and location. A service qualification (SQ) and coverage check based on your address will be conducted before your order is accepted.

The SQ check is an indication that your chosen location is within a 4G Home Internet serviceable area, it does not guarantee that your address is 4G serviceable. We recommend that you position your modem close to a window to maximise signal strength.

When moving address, you are required to check your serviceability at optus.com.au/4ghomeinternet.

SPEED: The speed on the Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4G plan has been limited to a maximum speed of 25Mbps download 5Mbps upload.

Data speeds for the 4G Internet Service are variable and for basic internet connectivity. Your 4G Internet Service speeds may differ from mobile and mobile broadband speeds on our 4G network.

The actual speed you will experience at any given time will vary depending on a number of factors including network (i.e., signal, proximity, line of sight, or congestion), location (i.e., modem placement, distance from the Optus 4G tower, geography, obstructions), and other factors (such as weather, hardware, software, etc.).

Customers on eligible 4G Internet plans are covered by the Optus Coverage Commitment.

DATA: The Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4G plan comes with an unlimited data allowance, subject to the Optus Fair Go Policy. Data sharing or pooling is not available for Optus 4G Home Internet.

EQUIPMENT NEEDS AND DEVICE PAYMENT PLAN:  To use the service, you will need the Optus provided 4G modem and an Optus SIM. The cost of this device is $216.  However, Optus will cover the $216 cost of the device if you remain connected for 24 months on a Device Payment Plan (DPP). During the 24-month term of the DPP, your device payments will be reduced by a monthly credit over the term of the DPP.

You will need to remain on an eligible Optus 4G Internet plan for the term of your DPP. If you cancel your eligible plan or move to an ineligible plan before the expiry of your DPP, your DPP will be cancelled and you’ll need to pay out the remaining device payments in full, calculated as $9 multiplied by the number of months remaining on Device Payment Plan (Remaining Device Payment Fee) and any applicable device credits or discounts will be forfeited. This is subject to your Australian Consumer Law rights.

MINIMUM TERM: New and existing customers can connect to a 4G Internet plan on a month-to-month contract. The minimum total cost for each month-to-month plan includes the total cost of the modem and the one month on us offer applied.

This amount will be reduced by the ‘one-month on us', which is equivalent to one month of the applicable plan fee.

Minimum term and charging commence when your service is activated. Service activation occurs when the modem is delivered to your address or if in-store, when the modem is handed to you.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: You will be automatically charged via your selected credit, debit or charge card at the start of each payment cycle for recurring charges. By signing up to these plans, you are agreeing to the Optus automatic payment terms at optus.com.au/about/legal/automatic-payment-terms. For further details visit optus.com.au/paymentsetup. See 'Payment information’ below for more details.

An electronic tax invoice will be provided after payment. We do not provide paper bills or invoices for these plans. You can view your Invoices and update your payment details at any time in My Optus app or by visiting MyAccount.

As your payment method is required to be automatic payments in the form of direct debit from a credit, debit or charge card, there are no processing fees. For more info, go to Optus.com.au/payments.

RELOCATION: When moving address, you are required to check your serviceability at optus.com.au/4ghomeinternet.

MINIMUM TOTAL COST: The minimum total cost of this plan is $216 for customers who cancel within 1 month (includes $216 modem cost and ‘one month on us offer’ applied). Optus will cover the cost of the modem for each month you stay connected for 24 months on a device payment plan (i.e., you’ll be credited $9 per month over 24 months, so you pay $0 for the modem). If you leave within 24 months, you’ll pay the remaining modem in full (any credits or discounts will be forfeited). There are no other plan cancellation fees. You won't receive a pro-rata refund for the remainder of your payment cycle when you cancel.

CANCELLATION: You can cancel your plan at any time by notifying us. You will not receive a refund of charges paid in advance for the remainder of your payment cycle, unless otherwise set out in our agreement and subject to your consumer law rights. Any related device payment plan will be cancelled, and you’ll need to pay out any remaining device payments in full and any other charges owing, as a one-off payment.

No pro rata refund of access fee for the remainder of payment cycle (i.e there is no proration for mid payment cycle cancellations).

MY ACCOUNT: Data sharing or pooling is not available for Optus 4G Home Internet. If you have more than 6 services, you may not be able to use My Account to monitor usage or add/change alerts.

Other Inclusions, optional add ons and services:

Optus Sport: Optus Sport is a rolling subscription. Personal viewing in Australia only. Content and features may change. Streaming quality dependent on your device, service provider and internet connection. Optus Sport may be available to purchase through other channels and additional T&Cs may apply. Fair Go Policy applies. For full T&Cs visit https://sport.optus.com.au/terms.

Optus Pause: Available to Optus consumer and SMB (exc TechFund and Fleet) customers with an eligible mobile, home internet and/or nbn service (up to max. of 30 Optus services). Enabling Optus Pause will disable access to data (via mobile and/or WiFi) to the selected Optus services and devices for the chosen period. Optus Pause may be withdrawn without notice. See: https://www.optus.com.au/customer-extras/optus-pause more info and further T&Cs.

Charges may apply for optional extras including entertainment services. By signing up to an optional extra, you agree that it is subject to change including cancellation. We’ll try and give you at least 21 days’ notice of a change, however, this does not entitle you to cancel your plan. Optional extras can be cancelled by us or you at any time; you just need to pay for any charges until the end of your payment cycle.

Changes to an Optus service may not be instantaneous and could take 24-48 hours after the change is requested.

Intro Offer: 1-month of plan fee on us

Customers who sign up to a new Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4G plan (excluding rate plan changes) will receive a credit equivalent to one month of the applicable plan access fee applied against the minimum total cost. Not available with any other offer unless specified. Available to Consumer and Business customers with a valid ABN/ACN only. Offer is forfeited if the customer recontracts or changes to an ineligible plan or cancels their Optus Plus Everyday Basic 4G plan.

The full Terms and Conditions for this plan can be found at optus.com.au/standardagreements

Last updated 11/04/2024