• The trouble with switching from Optus to another ISP
  • How to change internet providers
  • Changing to Telstra infrastructure

You’ve used Optus as your broadband provider, or for your home phone, but for whatever reasons have decided to move on to a different provider’s internet service. The only problem is just about everyone you talk to says because you’re with Optus they can’t transfer you over to their broadband plans. Why is this? What can you do?

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Optus infrastructure

The issue with being an Optus customer is that most of the time Optus uses its own unique telephone infrastructure. Nearly 100% of ADSL broadband providers in Australia run their service off of the Telstra infrastructure, so if you’re on an Optus line, you’ll have to disconnect your service, or port over your number to Telstra before you can go with any of these other services.

Sometimes Optus rents Telstra phone lines

In some instances Optus rents Telstra infrastructure to provide internet and telephone connections to Optus customers when their own network doesn’t reach a specific location. In this scenario you are lucky because your phone number will still be on the Telstra Flexstream database, and you’ll be able to transfer to a huge number of Australian broadband companies.

To find out if your Optus connection is on a rented Telstra line, call Telstra Home Phone Connections on 1-800-331-286.

If Telstra tells you that your infrastructure is Telstra owned, you can go ahead and sign up with any ISP offering plans in your area like TPG.

Call Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 for more options in your area.

If Telstra tells you your infrastructure is on the Optus network, you still have a few options.

Port your Optus phone number over to Telstra

If you are on Optus, but want to try and save some money by not having to disconnect and then reconnect with Telstra, you do have the option of porting you phone number over to Telstra. If possible at your address, you may not have to pay much money, or go through too many hassles. Call the same number as above to see if this is a viable option for you.

Sign up for an ADSL 2+ Bundle plan with a different provider

For people who would rather not deal with Telstra, you do have the option of disconnecting your Optus landline, and then signing up with a new home phone and ADSL internet bundle provider right from scratch. Companies like TPG can all set up your new landline service for you, but you should be aware they will incorporate the costs Telstra would have charged you in their set-up fee (as they are going through Telstra’s set-up process for you).

Change the phone over and keep it with Telstra, but use a new internet provider

After changing over to a Telstra phone line you have the option of moving on to a different provider’s bundle package, or of keeping the phone with Telstra. However, using a new provider’s stand-alone ADSL broadband service in conjunction with the Telstra home phone service is also an option. 

Important note: Once on a Telstra line, you also have the option to change over to a new ADSL phone and internet bundle provider, but if you leave Telstra’s new phone connection within 3 months of signing up, you will incur a $100 disconnection fee.