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Optus offers various Internet plans, including NBN, 5G, and mobile options to fit your needs. Optus has plans that are on the more expensive side and cancelling early can incur modem fees, but the plans are worth it.

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Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
780 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $129 ongoing
Min total cost $109
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Optus broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
245 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $139 ongoing
Min total cost $119
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Optus broadband provider logo
Broadband Only
Unlimited Data
780 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
Month to month
for first 6 months, then $149 ongoing
Min total cost $129
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Optus Internet plans

Customers can opt for flexible, month-to-month options with unlimited data to suit their needs, and our team can get you connected now.

Optus NBN plans offer a range of speeds and advanced Wi-Fi 6 modems for seamless connectivity across your devices, even during peak times. In remote areas, opt for the 5G Home Internet plan for speedy browsing, HD streaming, and lag-free gaming. There's a free one-month trial included, too.

If NBN or 5G isn't available, consider the Optus 4G Home Internet Plan, offering up to 25Mbps.

For more details or assistance with Optus NBN plans, contact Compare Broadband and get connected.

Optus NBN plans

Optus offers a range of NBN plans to cater to various needs. It comes with unlimited data, so you can browse, stream, and game without worrying about data limits. Let's break down the options:

  • Optus Plus Everyday NBN 50 ($85/month): Ideal for 3-4 people, provides a typical evening speed of 50 Mbps for HD streaming, online gaming, and working from home.
  • Optus Plus Everyday Fast NBN 100 ($99/month): Offers a faster 100 Mbps download speed, suitable for 4K streaming and larger households. No startup fee!
  • Optus Everyday Superfast NBN 250 ($119/month): Provides an impressive 240 Mbps download speed, perfect for 4K and 8K streaming, fast downloads, and serious gaming.
  • Optus Plus Everyday Ultrafast NBN ($149/month): Lightning-fast with 600 Mbps download speed, great for larger homes and data-intensive activities.

Optus also offers Family Entertainer NBN plans, starting at $105/month for the first six months. These plans include Netflix, an ultra Wi-Fi booster, and Wi-Fi Secure powered by McAfee. There are four different speed options to match your household needs and budget.

All Optus NBN plans come with an Optus Ultra WiFi Modem Gen 2 for a robust wifi network. You also get access to Optus SubHub for subscription management and Optus Living Network for connecting with other customers.

Optus NBN plans offer unlimited data, various speed choices, and extra benefits like Netflix and security features. Whether you need it for work or entertainment, Optus has you covered.

Optus 5G home wireless Internet plans

Optus 5G Home Internet Plans offer blazing-fast Internet, suitable for HD streaming, online collaboration, and gaming. Let's explore the options:

  • Optus Plus Everyday 5G Home Internet Plan ($69/month): This plan is perfect for HD streaming and general Internet use. With a maximum download speed of 50 Mbps, you can enjoy smooth video playback and efficient downloading. It includes a $0 startup fee and a month on Optus.
  • Optus Plus Everyday Fast 5G Home Internet Plan ($79/month): Ideal for 4K streaming and intensive online collaboration across multiple devices, this plan provides a whopping 100 Mbps maximum download speed. It also includes the Optus Sport Subscription.
  • Optus Plus Entertainer SuperFast 5G Home Internet Plan ($99/month): This high-speed plan offers uncapped download speed, allowing you to enjoy 8K streaming, ultra-fast downloads, and seamless virtual communication. It includes a standard Netflix subscription and the Optus Sport Subscription.

All Optus 5G home Internet plans provide access to the Optus SubHub for streamlined subscription management and potential savings when bundling multiple eligible subscriptions. Plus, you get a Nokia 5G Modem at no extra cost if you stay connected for 36 months. This modem features Wi-Fi 6 technology for improved performance and reliability.

Optus 4G home Internet plan

Optus also has the Plus Everyday Basic 4G plan on offer, perfect for those in need of reliable home Internet:

The plan includes a hassle-free setup with a compatible modem included. With the Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem, you can enjoy quick installation, dual-band Wi-Fi, and plug-and-play simplicity. Customers can also get unlimited data for just $59 per month on a flexible, month-to-month basis.

Optus customers also benefit from a free startup fee and their first month free. It's important to note that 4G connectivity relies on a mobile phone tower, which may occasionally lead to drop-outs and is not as stable as fixed fibre connections.

Optus mobile broadband

Optus mobile broadband plans are your on-the-go connectivity solution if you’re working on the road or you just want to scroll away from your home Internet connection.

You can consider the Optus Choice Data SIM plan, which is ideal for tablets and laptops. As a month-to-month contract with 30GB of data for $49 per month, it’s cheap and cheerful so it’s a customer favourite. With no excess data charges, you won't pay extra if you reach your limit; the speed will slow instead.

There are also options on the SIM-only plans including the 100GB Medium Optus Choice plan, for $59 month to month, the 220GB Large Optus Choice plan for $69/month and the 500 GB Plus Promo plan for $89/month. For those who love to talk, the Extra Large Optus Choice Plus plan is $89/month for 360GB data.

You can share data across eligible Optus Choice Plus plans on the same account and explore the SubHub platform to manage your subscriptions in one place.

Optus customer support

Optus offers round-the-clock customer support via phone and online chat. The team can assist with troubleshooting, billing, and more, and are known for having a friendly and knowledgeable team. 

Additionally, Optus provides a user-friendly online portal where you can easily manage your service, check account details, view usage, access billing info, and download speed reports, all in one place.

For support, call 133 937 or visit the online portal.

Why choose Optus Internet plans?

Optus offers top-quality NBN plans designed to meet Australian households' diverse needs. Let's take a closer look at why Optus stands out in the competitive NBN market.

  • Advanced technology: Optus Ultra Wi-Fi 6 Modem ensures a powerful, high-speed connection, extending your Internet reach throughout your home. Paired with the Optus Ultra Wi-Fi Booster, you get seamless, wall-to-wall coverage, enhancing your connectivity.
  • Flexible living network: Optus acknowledges your changing needs. The Living Network, including features like Optus Pause, lets you adjust and pause your home Internet as needed.
  • Premium entertainment: For avid binge-watchers, Optus won't disappoint. Selected Optus NBN plans include a standard Netflix subscription, allowing you to stream your favourite content to your heart's content.
  • Month-to-month freedom: Optus offers flexible month-to-month plans, giving you the ability to adjust your plan as your needs evolve. This level of flexibility is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Internet security: Optus Wi-Fi Secure, a subscription service, ensures your online safety. It protects your family from online threats, making sure all Internet traffic through the Optus modem is secure.
  • Modem inclusion: Optus provides a modem for customers choosing Optus Plus Family Entertainer plans. While the BYO Modem option is available for Everyday Basic or Everyday plans, the Optus Ultra WiFi modem delivers all the plan benefits and Living Network features.

Optus NBN Plans offer numerous advantages for homeowners seeking new broadband connections or those on the move. With Optus, you're not just getting an Internet plan but a comprehensive Internet experience designed to cater to all aspects of your digital lifestyle.

Compare Optus plans with Compare Broadband

Choosing an Internet plan can be overwhelming, given all the options. That's where Compare Broadband can assist you by simplifying the process of evaluating Optus NBN plans and other broadband options.

Our tool helps you compare different Optus NBN plans based on factors like data limits, speed, plan fees, and start-up costs. This way, you can make informed choices that match your needs.

Compare Broadband provides a unique view of the current broadband market, helping you gauge Optus Internet plans against others. 

Once you've found a suitable plan, signing up is easy. You can call Compare Broadband and get connected.


How do I access Optus Sport?

To access Optus Sport, download the Optus Sport App on your compatible iOS or Android device, personal computer, or your home TV through platforms like Fetch, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or Xbox One. Once downloaded, follow the sign-up prompts using your Optus billing account, email, or via Optus Subhub at

What is the Optus Ultra WiFi modem and how does it work?

The Optus Ultra WiFi modem is a high-speed device that connects your home to Optus NBN Internet. With its advanced WiFi 6 technology, it ensures a fast and consistent Internet connection across more corners of your home, enhancing your online experience.

Can I use my own modem with Optus 5G Home Internet?

Optus recommends using the provided Optus Ultra Wi-Fi modem to ensure optimal performance. This modem is specifically designed for compatibility with the Optus 5G Home Internet and has a 4G backup for added reliability.

What threats does Optus WiFi Secure protect against?

Optus Wi-Fi Secure shields against a variety of online threats, including malicious websites, botnet attacks, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, ensuring safer Internet browsing and use.

Are all Optus NBN plans available nationwide?

Availability of Optus NBN plans depends on the NBN rollout and whether the NBN infrastructure is established in your area.

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