If you are looking to connect and ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband plan you will need and active home phone service. The only broadband internet connections offered in Australia without an active home phone line are Mobile Broadband Internet, Cable internet, Satellite internet or a Naked DSL connection.

This means for all ADSL and ADSL2+ internet connections you will need to pay a home phone line rental. This is necessary as ADSL broadband internet connections travel along the same copper line as your home phone.  Unless your home phone is connected at the telephone exchange you will not be able to receive a broadband connection.

However, it is not all bad news. Many Australian broadband internet providers offer a discount when you subscribe to a broadband internet and home phone plan with them. This can usually save you about $10 off your monthly cost for both services. Telstra Bigpond, iiNet, Internode, iPrimus, Exetel, Dodo and Optus all offer a discount when bundling your broadband and home phone.

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What do Australian Broadband providers offer when bundling home phone and ADSL internet?

Dodo Broadband Internet

Dodo offers a home phone bundle on all ADSL, ADLS2+ and Mobile Broadband plans. You will get a $10 discount off your broadband internet costs when bundling your home phone with Dodo. The cost of your home line rental will depend on the amount of included calls you subscribe for.

Exetel Broadband Internet

Exetel only offers a home phone bundle on ADSL2+ plans at this stage. With Exetel your monthly home line rental is only $10 when bundled with a ADSL2+ broadband plan.

Telstra Bigpond

Telstra Bigpond offers a home phone bundle on all ADSL plans that reduces your broadband costs by $10. Monthly line rental costs vary depending on which plan is best for you.


Internode offers a range of home phone plans that can save you money when signing up for a broadband internet connection.


iPrimus customers can take advantage of the third largest Australian telecommunications provider and bundle a home phone plan with their broadband internet connection. Bundling broadband and home phone with iPrimus will save $10 a month of the broadband ADSL cost.


Netspace customers can choose to bundle their home phone with a broadband internet connection and also save $10 off their monthly broadband costs.


Optus Broadband Subscribes can choose from a range of home phone plans that will attract $10 off your broadband bill each month.


TPG does not currently offer a home phone bundle which means in order to subscribe to a TPG ADSL or ADSL2+ service you will need an active home phone service with a Telstra network provider.