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Having an unlimited data plan means you don't have to worry about data limits, excess usage charges or your speed being slowed if you go over. Your family can watch Netflix, Stan, Kayo Sports, or play online games as much as they want.

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Having internet access with unlimited data can definitely give you peace of mind, not worrying about data caps. And this is what an unlimited internet data plan can give you. Whether you're into video streaming, gaming, or working from home, unlimited internet plans will help you get the most out of your connection. It may cost more, but the freedom to connect online without limits lets you save money elsewhere.

At Compare Broadband, we’ve reviewed and analysed hundreds of unlimited internet plans in Australia from different internet providers, so you don’t have to. If you need help in finding the right unlimited internet plan for your home or business, we’ve got you covered.


Unlimited Internet Plans for Home

Basically, an unlimited plan includes unlimited internet use with no data caps and speed reductions. Having an unlimited connection is almost mandatory for today’s internet users as we do more activities online — from entertainment to work, school and communication. All those activities and having multiple devices connected at once can consume a lot of bandwidth and data, which your current plan may not be able to accommodate.

Unlimited internet plans will give you peace of mind, period. Pay a fixed amount monthly and you will be able to enjoy streaming, downloading and browsing the web without worrying about additional fees or the speed getting throttled after a certain usage threshold.

Internet service providers designed this type of internet plan to attract new customers who want an affordable plan and don’t want to compromise quality. Generally, most ISPs in Australia offer the quota plan where customers pay after reaching the data limit. As a result, customers will have to pay more to get a higher tier and download more data. 

But with the growing demand for unlimited internet plans, it’s no longer challenging to find the right connection for your home.

Best Unlimited Internet Deals

In Australia, there are a number of internet service providers that offer unlimited data plans with different prices and inclusions. The best-unlimited data NBN plan will depend on your budget, needs and location.

If you want the fastest possible internet speeds, then get an NBN 100/40Mbps plan. But if you can’t afford it or your location doesn’t support NBN 100, then go for an NBN 50/20Mbps plan.


Types of Unlimited Internet Plans Available

NBN™ Fixed Wireless Internet Bundles OptiComm

NBN™ uses fibre optic cables that can provide super fast and reliable internet to your home.

Home Wireless broadband can run up to 20 times faster than an NBN™ 100Mbps connection.

Internet bundles allow you to get the best deals for a home phone and internet service.

OptiComm is a privately owned network offering a high-speed cable connection.

See NBN unlimited internet plans

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NBN™ Unlimited Internet Plans

NBN™ rollout is complete!  This means, you now have access to Australia’s fastest internet service yet. To check if your location is NBN™ ready, you can use the official NBN™ rollout map. This should provide you with detailed information on the type of NBN™ connection available in your area.

It shouldn’t be a problem to find a reliable ISP that offers NBN™ unlimited plans. However, choosing the best unlimited NBN™ plan can be intimidating, especially since many plans and promos are available in the market, not to mention the confusing jargon and plan structure. 

Generally, to find the right NBN™ plan, you should look out for the right combination of these three things:

  • Price
  • Connection
  • Speed

To find the best value unlimited NBN™ plans, consider the size of your household and how many devices need to connect. For example, a two-person household can benefit from an unlimited plan with standard evening speed.

Another factor that may affect speed is the technology available in your area. These are most likely to affect consumers using NBN™ technology that relies on copper wiring to deliver broadband internet to their home (e.g. fibre to the basement/fibre to the node-based services) and consumers using fixed wireless.

Also, when looking for the right NBN provider for your home, it is advisable to compare different unlimited NBN plans from a range of providers. Once you have found the best deal that meets your needs, be sure to check the terms and conditions before signing up. This way, you can avoid any surprises down the line.


Popular NBN Unlimited Internet Plans

NBN Providers  Internet Plan Speed Tier  
Belong Internet Provider NBN Unlimited Belong Standard Plus broadband plan on the NBN™ 50Mbps See Belong Internet Plans
Dodo Internet Provider NBN Standard Plus (nbn50) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan 50Mbps See Dodo Internet Plans
Uniti Wireless Internet Plans NBN The 50 (nbn50) Uniti Wireless NBN™ Broadband Plan 50Mbps See Uniti Wireless Internet Plans
Aussie Broadband Internet Plans NBN 100GB Build your own nbn™ Aussie Broadband plan - Standard Plus Speed 50Mbps See Aussie Broadband Internet Plans
Optus Internet Plans NBN Optus Internet Everyday NBN™ Bundle Plan 50Mbps See Optus Internet Plans


Comparing Internet Speed Tiers: What is a Typical Evening Speed?

When it comes to comparing unlimited internet deals, you first want to check out the plan’s typical evening speed. Unfortunately, the max speed of an unlimited internet plan drops by roughly 20% during peak hours (between 7pm and 11pm). So before deciding on an offer, make sure you check their actual average evening speed versus what they advertise. 

To compare unlimited internet plan speeds, you need to understand what a typical evening speed is. A typical evening speed is how fast your internet plan works during peak hours between 7pm and 11pm when most internet users are online. 

Below is a guide on the minimum typical evening speed per each speed tier.

Internet Speed Minimum Speed Average Speed

Basic Evening Speed

Less than 15mbps

Depends on the existing connection (copper/ADSL connection)

Standard Evening Speed



Standard Plus Evening Speed



Premium Evening Speed




Basic Evening Speed

This is the entry-level plan for basic internet needs. If you’re going with a basic plan, expect that you may experience a slight increase or decrease in speed, depending on how good your existing connection is. The download speeds are at 10 Mbps and the upload speeds are at 1 Mbps.

This is the perfect plan for:

  • Web browsing
  • Email and social media
  • Music and HD video streaming
  • Online gaming (for one person)


Standard Evening Speed

This type of internet plan delivers a minimum speed of 15Mbps during peak hours. Plans under this speed can easily accommodate average Australian households. Plans under this speed tier have download speeds of 25Mbps and 5Mbps upload speeds.

This is the perfect internet plan for:

  • Web browsing
  • Email and social media
  • Music and video streaming
  • Online gaming (for multiple people)


Standard Plus Evening Speed

Plans under standard plus speed deliver a minimum 30Mbps during peak hours. Households with higher usage profiles like streaming an ultra-high-definition movie or streaming music on multiple devices during busy periods can benefit from these plans. The download speeds are 50Mbps and the upload speeds are at 20Mbps.

This is the perfect internet plan for:

  • Web browsing
  • Email and social media
  • Music and video streaming on multiple devices
  • Online gaming (for multiple people)


Premium Evening Speed

Plans labelled as premium evening speed can deliver a minimum speed of 60Mbps during peak hours. Higher usage profile than Standard Plus like those who stream ultra HD movies and active gamers can definitely benefit from these plans. The download speeds are at 100Mbps and the upload speeds are at 40Mbps.

This is the perfect internet plan for:

  • Web browsing
  • Email and social media
  • Music and video streaming on multiple devices
  • Online gaming (for multiple people)

If you’re not sure which speed is right for you, you can call us up at Compare Broadband. Our experts will guide you through the various speed tiers offered in these unlimited internet plans.


How To Get The Cheapest Unlimited Internet Plan?

Looking for cheap unlimited NBN plans that don’t break the bank? You’ve come to the right place. At Compare Broadband, we’ve collected, reviewed and analysed hundreds of broadband plans from various internet service providers to help you decide. You can simply use our comparison tool above — just type in your postcode and we’ll show you the most popular plans available in your area. Or call us up on our hotline! Our friendly experts are always on the line to assist you with any questions about internet plans with unlimited data.

The best way to get a good deal is to find the balance between price, speed and connection type. You want to look into plans that can easily cater to the number of users in your household and the number of devices connected to your network. Also, consider the activities you are doing online. If you’re a heavy user and you need a reliable connection to download games or join several video conferences daily, you may want to look into plans with a higher speed. 

You should also watch for other hidden fees, especially if you’re looking at a higher speed tier. For example, some ISPs offer cheaper introductory rates for the first few months but eventually switch to a higher price afterwards. Some deals exclude modem/router from the setup fee as well. 

Cheapest Internet Plans

Cheapest Internet Providers Cheapest Internet Plan Price


 Belong Cheapest Internet Plans

NBN Unlimited Belong Premium broadband plan on the NBN™


See Belong Cheapest Internet Plans

 TPG Cheapest Internet Plans

NBN Basic (nbn12) TPG S Bundle


See TPG Cheapest Internet Plans

 Harbour ISP Cheap internet plans

NBN The LTS 85 Harbour ISP Sky Muster Satellite Broadband Plan


See Harbour ISP Cheapest Internet Plans

 Tangerine Cheap internet plans

NBN Tangerine Telecom Standard Speed Broadband Plan


See Tangerine Cheapest Internet Plans

superloop cheapest internet plan

NBN Superloop nbn™ Home Basic Broadband Plan


See Superloop Cheapest Internet Plans


Compare Unlimited Internet Plans with Compare Broadband

Do you want to find the best-unlimited internet plans for your home or office? Then look no further than Compare Broadband. We compare all of the major Australian internet service providers to help you discover the best deal on unlimited internet.

We understand that everyone has varying requirements when it comes to broadband, so we've made it simple to compare unlimited plans based on pricing, speed, data allowance, and other factors. And if you need any help, our friendly customer service team is always on hand to assist.

So why not compare broadband plans today and see how much you could save? We make it easy, so you can focus on what's important - using your unlimited internet!


What is unlimited broadband?

Just as it sounds, unlimited broadband means you can use the internet as much as you like, whenever you like. No caps, no added fees, no restrictions.

Which network offers unlimited internet packages?

Numerous networks in Australia today offer various Internet packages with interesting perks. With an unlimited data plan, it means no more worries about data limits or paying extra fees for over-usage or even lowering of speed once you go over.

Take for instance Telstra’s most basic unlimited data offering. With the widest 4G network coverage, Telstra’s post-paid plan offers scaled download speeds of 1.5Mbps if you make use of your monthly inclusions. The telco has just upgraded selected bundles to include unlimited data allowances.

Other networks offering enticing unlimited Internet bundle plans include TPG, Tangerine, iPrimus, MyRepublic, iiNet, etc. Meanwhile, the following networks offer NBN unlimited broadband plans: Belong, Dodo, Uniti, Aussie Broadband and more, with speed tier of 50Mbps.

Does a no-contract plan offer unlimited broadband?

Yes. Nowadays, there are different telcos offering unlimited broadband under their ‘no lock-in’ plans. Others call it ‘month-to-month’ or ‘one-month’ plans but still offer the same typical speed just like the fixed-contract plan. Tempting offers of unlimited no-contract plans from TPG, Dodo and Belong are worth exploring.

What are the superfast unlimited NBN™ plans?

Among the superfast unlimited NBN plans, MyRepublic’s terrific deals are worth looking into such as the superfast and ultrafast unlimited bundle plans. While the superfast has 250Mbps speed at $95 per month, the ultrafast comes with 1000Mbps speed at $105 a month. Both plans have a month-to-month contract. Aussie Broadband also offers its unlimited home fast plan with a one-month contract at $99 per month while its unlimited home superfast plan is pegged at $129 a month.

What are the unlimited wireless internet plans?

Belong, TPG, Optus, and My Republic all offer unlimited wireless deals. Click through for more details!

What are the unlimited wireless broadband plans without a phone line?

You’d be glad to know that the NBN doesn’t require an active phone line in order to operate. And be more glad that there are many unlimited wireless broadband plans from different networks to choose from, without the need for paying phone line rental. Check out the attractive offers from iPrimus, iinet, Telstra, Optus, SpinTel and many more. Prices of plans vary from between $55 and $94.50 depending on the contract length.

Which unlimited internet plans with no upfront costs?

Belong offer a great ADSL2+ Unlimited broadband plan up to 20 Mbps, for only $45 a month for a 12 month contract. The awesome thing about Belong is that they do their best to keep everything super simple, and as such they don't make their customers worry about phone bundles or activation fees. Additionally, there are no peak or off-peak periods, no hidden fees, no sneaky bill shock scares. Belong tout a philosophy of "what you see is what you get". Click here for more info.

What is the price of unlimited internet broadband connection?

There are many different providers with many differnet plans. The best for you will depend on what you use the internet for, how often, and how much you want to spend. Compare Broadband can compare a range of leading providers and sign you up for the right plan for you, free of charge. Click here, or give us a call on 1300 763 813.

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