• When To Use A Wi-Fi Extender
  • Do Wi-Fi Extenders Degrade My Signal?
  • Types of Wi-Fi Extenders

If you’re like most people, you’re probably browsing the Internet across multiple locations in your home or office using different devices. That said, there’s nothing more annoying than encountering dead spots as you do this.

Browsing the Internet covers both smartphones and PCs. How many times do you need to move from one location to another when using these devices connected to the Internet? Do you happen to feel a slowdown in the Internet connectivity? Chances are, you might need to grab your Internet WiFi extender.

What does a WiFi extender do?

Otherwise known as the WiFi Booster or Range Extenders, these WiFi extenders refer to a peripheral equipment designed to work with your routers.

It takes charge of repeating and expanding the signal of your wireless connection from the router. It functions as the networking bridge, connecting the wireless router to your devices in such a way that it efficiently sources out the WiFi signal from the router, and rebroadcasts this in the coverage area at ultimate speeds.

Types of WiFi extenders

There are two types of these WiFi extenders: the wireless range extenders, and the WiFi network extenders.

Wireless range extenders are individual devices situated between the location where you are aiming for better connectivity and the wireless modem or router. On the other hand, the WiFi network extenders will boost your connectivity to high speed wireless Internet in each of your floor area and the corners of your house or office.

Should you need more information about what these are, including the in-depth technicalities, be sure to speak to your Internet Service Provider or directly contact the support team of NBN network.


More so in the office, people will move around, and more individuals will connect to the Internet. If this happens, there tends to be a slowdown because of the distance of the person from the modem. Hence, these WiFi extenders. Look for the provider of these products in terms of quality and price.