iPrimus offers 'Green Broadband' service

One of Australia's main broadband internet and telecommunications providers, iPrimus, has partnered with Landcare Australia to provide a new service offering customers an environmentally conscious alternative for broadband internet.

The aim of the new programme is to neutralise a customer's associated greenhouse emissions created by their broadband internet usage.

The iPrimus Green Broadband program is a national first for Australia, and functions by having Landcare plant an average of five native Australian trees per year of a customer's broadband subscription. This is good news for Australians who would like to lessen the carbon footprint they make on our country's environment.

Another bonus of the iPrimus Green Broadband program is that its trees will help restore natural habitats for endangered species, reduce levels of salinity and degradation of Australian soils, plus improve the quality of water in catchment areas.

The Green Broadband program is designed around a mathematical model that conservatively estimates the planting of five native Australian trees to be more than enough to neutralise the greenhouse emissions caused by an average family's yearly broadband usage.

iPrimus CEO, Ravi Bhatia, said: "iPrimus Green Broadband is great news and an opportunity for Australians who proactively want to make a positive contribution to Australia's environment."

It has been estimated by iPrimus that its Green Broadband service could result in the planting of up to a million native trees over the next four years. Customers who partake in the program will be able to visit a dedicated website to read about related Landcare tree planting activities.

iPrimus Green Broadband clients can also utilise the Internet Service Provider's online billing, account management and customer service facilities to further bolster their environmentally conscious goals.