NBN Providers - Reviews and Canstar Ratings

  • Looking to subscribe to a brand new NBN provider, or simply looking to change providers?
  • iiNet has come on top for NBN satisfaction
  • iiNet has further improved on its NBN ratings of 2016 when it received four stars for overall satisfaction, five stars for customer service and three stars on their value for money.

In today’s article, we will be looking into Canstar Blue’s annual review of NBN providers which compares iiNet, TPG, Dodo, Optus and Telstra on speed performance, customer service, contract clarity, bill clarity, value for money and overall satisfaction. With tried and tested reviews, this is your one stop for all things broadband related. Looking to subscribe to a brand new NBN provider, or simply looking to change providers? This article will give you all the information you need about some of the top NBN providers in the market today, so read on to find out more!

First Off - Who Wins The Top Prize?

Before we go into the details about each individual provider, we will touch on who has won the top prize this time round for best NBN provider. iiNet has come on top for NBN satisfaction, and for great reason too. Canstar has compared the biggest NBN providers, with iiNet emerging as the highest rated of the bunch in 2017, replacing parent company TPG at the top of the standings. In addition to overall satisfaction, iiNet was the only ISP in this 2017’s review to score a whopping five stars for its excellent customer service and billing clarity.

So, what is so fantastic about iiNet, you may ask. Well, recently acquired by broadband giant TPG Telecom, iiNet has further improved on its NBN ratings of 2016 when it received four stars for overall satisfaction, five stars for customer service and three stars on their value for money. This time round, nothing has changed and iiNet has once again earned top scores in every category, except for their 4 star rating on value for money this year.

One thing to note is that iNet is definitely not the cheapest NBN provider out there at the moment, with their main focus remaining on excellent customer service rather than low broadband prices. However, with their NBN plans to start at $59.99 a month and then gradually climbing up the latter to around $100 (based on what speed tier data allowances you choose), iiNet is has kept the game competitive and is definitely keeping their customers satisfied. iiNet’s plans are available on a 24 month basis or with a no lock-in contract, with the latter resulting in a $79.95 activation fee. Feel like throwing in a Fetch subscription? You can do that too, for an extra $11 a month.


Next up, we have Dodo. With broadband plans that start at just $29.90 a month, Dodo is one of the most affordable ISPs around at the moment. Do keep in mind that one should always check the specifics of the plans purchased as Dodo’s cheapest deals come with rather modest data allowances and on the most basic of speed tiers available. If you are looking for maximum data, you will be looking at spending almost $100 a month for your NBN broadband plan.

Similar to iiNet, Dodo also offers access to streaming service Fetch at an additional cost. These costs can also increase if you choose to add on extra call inclusions. Dodo certainly gives you the option of a cheap NBN service, which seems to have satisfied most of its customers as they have rated Dodo 5 stars for value on money and 4 stars for remaining categories. Anyone looking for affordable broadband should definitely consider signing up to Dodo.


Optus has a more comprehensive range of NBN broadband plans, which is generally what is expected of a huge telco. You can get connected to Optus’ NBN broadband plans starting at $60 a month, but if you are interested in their entertainment packages, be ready to fork out extra. Optus Sport, which includes EPL soccer, is one of their unique selling points.

Optus also offers access to Fetch, starting at $80 a month. All plans are available on a 2 year contract or on a month to month option, with the latter costing you an upfront fee of $200. However, if you commit to the long haul, this fee is waived. All Optus plans come with unlimited data, ideal for those who love streaming or are in a household of multiple internet users. The sweet and simple approach from Optus seems to have gone down great as its customers have rated it four stars overall in 2017’s ratings, an increase from the three stars awarded last year.


Although TPG and iiNet are technically the same company, there is a vast difference between their NBN Broadband plans. TPG’s prices can rise to over $100 a month, but they do start at a much cheaper price of just $29.99 a month (10GB data at the basic speed tier). Prices gradually steepen as you increase your speed, data allowances or call inclusions. All of TPG’s plans are available with no lock-in contract, or on contract over 18 months. Do keep in mind that with a no lock in contract, you will be required to pay a $99.95 setup fee. TPG topped the NBN ratings in 2016 and scored 4 stars this year for overall satisfaction, in addition to bill clarity, contract clarity and value for money. TPG was also awarded 3 stars for speed performance and customer service.


Similar to other giant telco Optus, overall value in Telstra’s NBN plans comes in the form of their extra features. Telstra NBN broadband plans come with the option of adding a Foxtel or Telstra TV subscription which gives you access to streaming services such as Netflix and Stan. Their basic broadband packages start at $80 a month for 500GB of data over 2 years. For those who would prefer a monthly contract option, you will be looking at $95 a month instead. Should you choose a Telstra bundle, prices will range from $90 all the way to $140, depending on data allowance, speed tier and entertainment packs. Do keep in mind that Telstra bundles are only available over 24 month contracts. Telstra was the only NBN provider in 2017’s ratings to score just an average three stars overall. 



We hope that this year’s Canstar ratings have given you a little more insight into the pros and cons of a variety of ISPs that provide NBN broadband at the moment. Depending on budget, speed needs and data allowances, there is definitely a plan for every need. Have any more queries? Don’t hesitate to hit us up today and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.