Which internet companies have the best off-peak times?

  • Choosing an ISP offering data when you actually want to use it
  • Consider an unlimited plan if you don't want to be shaped
  • Which ISPs have no on and off peak times

These days consumers have come to realise when an Internet Service Provider (ISP) says their plans have 100GB of included data, this may only be actually 40GB within waking hours.

Some companies want their customers to do most of their heavy downloading of music, movies, or TV shows overnight by setting their computer on a timer. However, not everyone wants to use the middle of the night to download, and would rather have the bulk of their internet data accessible during the day when they can actively use it.

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Finding out whether an ISP has its download data quota split between on and off-peak times is an imperative for any discerning broadband user. Also, researching what times these periods encompass will let you have better insight into how much data you can truly use on a plan.

Here are some of the major ISPs and their related on and off-peak times.

No on or off peak times

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TPG’s download quota is split between a peak time of 8am - 2am and off-peak of 2am - 8am, or 8:30am - 3:30am peak time, and 3:30am - 8:30am off-peak.

Essentially you are getting 5-6 hours of off-peak time, so if you are on the ADSL2+ 180GB plan with 90GB peak/90GB off-peak, you only have this short nocturnal period to use half of your quota.

However, it should be noted 90GB in the peak time is a massive amount of internet data, and you would probably never get close to using it all.

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iPrimus has a download quota period split between a peak time of 12pm - 12am, and off-peak of 12am – 12pm. This is quite good, as large amounts of off-peak download data can be accessed throughout the entire morning. As this is EST, if you are in Western Australia your off-peak period will go from 9pm – 9am, so late at night before bed you won’t have to use your precious on-peak quota.


Dodo has a download quota period split between a peak time of 9am - 1am, and off-peak of 1am – 9am.


Optus has a download quota period split between a peak time of 12pm - 12am, and off-peak of 12am – 12pm.