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Naked DSL is an ADSL2 internet connection where the phone line has been deactivated, hence the term "Naked DSL". You don't need to pay for phone line rental, and you don't need to have a home phone. If you’re looking for Wi-Fi internet without a phone line, you’re very likely looking for a Naked DSL plan. 

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Naked Broadband Plans



What is Naked Broadband?

Naked Broadband, also known as Naked DSL, is an old ADSL2+ internet broadband connection where the activeness of a phone line has been stripped (and it’s that very “stripping” from which Naked Broadband derives the “naked” part of its title). The “DSL” part of Naked DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line (previously, it stood for Digital Subscriber Loop), which refers to technology used to transmit digital data through the old telephone lines - which is how it’s connected to ADSL. It’s no coincidence that Naked Broadband rose to prominence around the time that mobile phone plans started offering their customers unlimited calls, which meant they simply didn’t need to rely on their home phone as much. These days it’s a rare thing to have to require a bundle broadband and phone plan, but these plans are certainly still around. With Naked Broadband, you don’t need to pay for phone line and rental and you aren’t required to have a home phone, so if you’re looking for Wi-Fi without a phone line, Naked DSL might be an option for you (though this will entirely depend on where you live). And even if you don’t have (or don’t want) a landline phone, sometimes it can be cheaper to set up a plan with a phone, even if you end up leaving the phone socket unplugged.

How does Naked Broadband work?

Technically, Naked DSL is a 3-step process. You activate a phone line, put ADSL2+ on the line, and then deactivate the phone element leaving only the internet running. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled modem, which will allow multiple devices to connect wirelessly. Even though you can no longer make normal landline telephone calls, if you have an ADSL2+ VoIP enabled modem router, you can still make phone calls over the internet. VoIP phone calls are very cheap, and are usually of very good quality, though sometimes not as good as a standard landline connection. There are also a number of mobile phone plans with unlimited standard calls and texts for customers who'd prefer to use their mobile instead of a home phone.

As Naked DSL is a form of ADSL2+ broadband, the speed runs at up to 24Mbps, slowing down gradually the further you live away from the telephone exchange. The quality of this speed is good enough for several computers to be online at the same time, and it is suitable for downloading large files, streaming and watching videos, and streaming/viewing online TV. As the speed is so fast, the data limits on many Naked DSL plans are very high, so you won’t ever need to worry about the connection slowing down. There are also Naked cable internet plans if you want cable broadband speeds and no home phone line. Not unlike ADSL2+ broadband, Naked DSL is sometimes only available in metropolitan areas. Some companies can set up the service from an inactive phone line (ie. in a home where you don’t have a phone number), but others may need your phone line to be active before they can provide the service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Naked DSL?

The main advantage of Naked DSL is that it saves people money. Not only does Naked Broadband allow you to make VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls that are considerably cheaper than landline calls, but it will also eliminate all of your phone line costs. As all forms of ADSL work over the old copper line network, they require the use of your old landline connections, including the home phone wall socket. With this system, you’ll be charged separately for internet and home phone services, even if you never use the home phone. Naked Broadband lets you avoid that additional cost, as it eliminates the telephonic use of the copper wires and uses them solely for broadband. This way, you won’t be copping a bill for a technology you seldom (or never) use. The only real disadvantage is that if you do like having the option of a home phone in the house, you won’t have access to that anymore through a Naked DSL plan.

How do you get the internet connection without a phone line?

Wondering how to get internet without a phone line? Thankfully, it’s not a complicated process. As mentioned above, Naked DSL technology operates over the old copper phone lines that are ubiquitous, but the phone service itself is disconnected, and you aren’t charged an additional fee for the use of the line. However, if you mean to find an internet service that doesn’t use any phone line whatsoever, than you may want to look into Cable Broadband, or certain NBN™ connections.

Is there a difference between Naked, Wireless and Wi-Fi?

Naked Broadband is Wi-Fi, and there is a difference between Wi-Fi and Wireless. Wireless broadband is mobile broadband, and it is dependent on mobile networks. Conversely, Wi-Fi is a feature of your modem rather than your service. A mobile broadband device can be taken and used anywhere, whereas Wi-Fi will only work within a specific area surrounding your internet connection. However, within that specific area, you can still connect your devices to the internet “wirelessly” if you have a Wi-Fi modem. A Wi-Fi modem is a modem with the ability to transmit the internet wirelessly around your house. Again, to reiterate, this is different to wireless or mobile broadband. The Wi-Fi modem cannot be taken outside of your house as it is connected to copper wires in your wall in order to work.The merits of home Wi-Fi are the high data allowances available and the ability to reach high speeds consistently. Internet service providers can offer large amounts of data usage with the majority of providers offering unlimited data plans.

Do bundles for naked broadband and internet TV plans exist?

They certainly do. As video streaming is now one of the most popular forms of home entertainment, many internet service providers will offer great plans ideal for online TV. In fact, many of these plans were specifically designed for online video streaming!

What ISP has the best Naked NBN™?

If you’re after the best internet-without-phone-line plan, and your household has already been upgraded for the NBN™, then you’re probably going to want to look into Naked NBN™ provider. There’s a solid selection of Naked NBN™ Plans to choose from. However, the “best” plan for someone else may not be the best plan for you, because the best plan and provider for you is really going to boil down to you and your personal internet habits. How often do you need to use home Wi-Fi? How much data do you need each day? Is it for light browsing, or streaming and/or online gaming? Are there are people in your home who are using the internet? What are they using it for? If you know the answer to these questions, as well as a ballpark figure of how much you want to spend each month, then you’re well on the way to finding the best Naked DSL plan for you. And we can help whittle it down further! For instance, a lot of customers tend to go with some of the bigger internet service providers, simply because they have a trusted brand name and the experience and facilities to offer a good variety of great plans at competitive prices. You might want to consider looking at some Telstra Naked NBN™ Internet Packages or some Optus Naked NBN™ Internet Broadband Packages. But again, every customer’s needs are different, so it’s advised that you weigh up all of the aforementioned factors and then compare the Naked NBN™ plans the best match your needs and budget.

How Compare Broadband do the leg work for you?

If you’re still a little unsure about exactly what kind of home broadband you need (and/or how you can get it), then don’t hesitate to contact one of our broadband consultants who are more than happy to compare your options and recommend the best and cheapest broadband deals available to you in your area. Put that wallet away! Compare Broadband is a free comparison service to anyone residing in Australia. We are also independently rated 5 stars by our customers, with a Trust Pilot score of 4.8 out of 5 based on over 1,800 reviews. Whether you’re after naked broadband plans or something completely different, our internet experts can help you out for free so long as you’re in Australia (don’t forget, besides advice on home broadband, we can also help you out with internet for the office)! You can either call us directly on 1300 106 571, or have a squiz at our broadband comparisons here - all you have to do is put your suburb or postcode into the white box and click “Compare”. The website will then ask you some questions about your average internet usage so that we can narrow down the best providers and plans for you. Easy!

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