• Find the right wireless internet connection for you - WiFi or mobile wireless?
  • Mobile wireless - great for the light user who values portability
  • WiFi - hardware to add to your ADSL connection to create a wireless network

A wireless broadband plan is one of the best NBN alternatives if an NBN connection technology is still not available in your area. It is also a great backup plan to your existing fixed-line internet connection. You don’t have to engage with technicians or even stress about set-up delays with a wireless broadband plan. The best part? You can take your connection with you for as long as there is a reliable signal.

Fortunately, there are already various providers of wireless broadband plans in the market today. Below are some of the best plans that you may want to consider.

Internet Provider Internet Plan Price  
Optus Internet Plans Optus 4G Home Internet Everyday 500GB $69/month See Optus Wireless Internet Plans
Optus Internet Plans Optus 4G Home Internet Lite 200GB $59/month See Optus Wireless Internet Plans
Uniti Wireless Internet Plans Uniti Wireless Broadband Home Wireless 5G Home Internet $70/month See Uniti Wireless Internet Plans


Top of the List: Optus 4G Home Internet Everyday 500GB (M2M)

The best wireless broadband plan is the 4G Home Internet Everyday 500GB (M2M) offered by Optus. It comes with full-speed 4G connectivity as well as 500GB of data. It also comes with a home wireless modem. Depending on the signal and network congestion in your area, you may be able to enjoy a download speed of 100Mbps with this plan offered by Optus. This is as fast as the fastest speed tier of the NBN. For this plan, you only need to pay $69 a month to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

In case the data allocation of this plan proves to be too much for you, particularly if you are living alone or the sole active internet user in your household, then you can opt for the other wireless broadband plans from Optus.


Optus 4G Home Internet Lite 200GB (M2M)

With the 4G Home Internet Lite 200GB (M2M) plan from Optus, you will get to enjoy a data allocation of 200GB in parallel to full-speed 4G connectivity. Like with the 500GB plan, you will also get a home wireless modem, all for only $59 a month.

If you are confident with Optus’s services, you can even engage in a 24M contract with them for your wireless broadband plan. In this case, you have the option to choose between a 500GB plan or a 200GB plan as well.


Great to Check Out: Best Wireless Broadband Plans from Uniti Wireless

Optus is not the sole provider of the best wireless broadband plans. Uniti Wireless is also making a name in this league. Like Optus,  you can choose from a 500GB or a 200GB wireless broadband plan from Uniti Wireless. The price that you have to pay each month is not far from what Optus offers. For a Uniti Wireless 4G Internet Lite Uniti Wireless Broadband Plan 200GB, you need to pay $58.50 per month. For a Uniti Wireless 4G Internet Everyday Uniti Wireless Broadband Plan, you will need to pay $67.50 per month.

The great thing about Uniti Wireless is that it also offers a wireless broadband plan with unlimited data. For only $70 a month, you will already get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 225Mbps, which is comparable to the NBN’s ultra fast speed tier. However, this plan doesn’t feature a no-contract term. You have to agree to a 24-month contract to be able to enjoy the benefits of this plan.


The Bottomline

While several providers are now offering wireless broadband plans, one clear defining factor of a perfect plan is the speed it offers. Wireless broadband plans are intended to be used as a backup connection to a fixed wireless plan that should be fast enough to cater to multiple users. But if NBN is still not available in your area or you’re just not ready to switch yet, we can help you find the best alternative internet plans at Compare Broadband.